Friday, January 27, 2012

First Take: B.A.P. with Warrior

I can't believe this day would come. And just so you know, I'm saying this as a bad thing. I haven't been silent about my admiration of Bang Yong-guk as a powerful rapper. But now I have to see him in a group of 6. Insert curse word here. But just to be fair, I'm going to try to be as objective as possible for the new group B.A.P. and their new single, "Warrior". Let the games begin.

The group chose a very angsty, hard rock approach for their first single. The bass is harsh and powerful drums are prominent. Another sound you hear throughout the song is the sound of a whistle. Not the sweet whistle. More like train whistle which adds on the angst. As much as I do listen to hard rock once in a millennium, I'm still hesitant on my verdict of the sound of this song. It has a great feel to it, but I feel like the execution just missed the mark. I get what they're trying to tell me: these boys are fierce and they don't bow down to anyone. But the way it's put together just didn't fit together for me. Vocally, these boys got it. The rappers are great, definitely better than some idol "rappers" out there. The vocals also surprised me although I couldn't really say much considering they were outshone by the fellow rappers.

What bothers me the most about this song is the image of them portrayed in the video. First of all, what's up with their hair? Why do they all have to have platinum blond mops on their head? To me this was the wrong move from their management. It prevented anyone from getting to know the boys as individuals. I'm sure they look different when they're standing still, but here in the video the cuts were quick and the dance was fast and I just couldn't see how they look like. Besides, not everyone can rock the platinum and apparently I'm seeing 6 people who prove my point. Second is their outfits. I want a word with their stylist because he/she hasn't learned anything from "Never Give Up". Rainbow spit is not a good color combination. I love the dirty back alley set but their colorful jackets throw me off.

The dance is probably what I like most about the overall music video. It matched the song very well and the boys, at least in the video which I'm pretty sure is edited multiple times, seem to be able to keep up. I wouldn't say this is the most remarkable dance I've ever seen an idol do, but it's a good effort and it looks really great. The sad this is that the camera moves too fast that we can't even get a proper glimpse of what the whole dance actually look like. The dance break was really fun. Not the most impressive dance breaks ever but it's different and I like different. But I'm giving minus points for murdering the maknae in the end. That was too harsh.

Being noted as one of the most anticipated group in 2012, B.A.P. (which awkwardly stands for Best Absolute Perfect) started on the right note. They haven't shown me all that they've got, but they're definitely starting the year of angst-ridden teens very well. I'm probably only looking forward to them because of Bang Yong-guk, but hearing the vocals I may or may not be looking forward to them too.

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