Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion King in New York and Beyond

Truthfully I have nothing to write today and it's been a week since my last post. Ugh, semester number 6 is really putting a toll on my freedom to enjoy time for myself. Anyways, so it won't be too empty around here, I'm just going to troll you with numerous stills from Fashion King. It's only a matter of weeks until the premiere date and I am getting excited. The plot line is still as unclear as ever, but I guess that won't stop me from watching it. Duh.

Currently the cast is in the US, apparently at the moment they are still in NYC. They went to Arizona last week (I think) for a questionable scene in the desert. They will also make a stop in Las Vegas after the NY Fashion Week. Who knows where else they'll be going.

By the way, I've been enjoying Trees with Deep Roots a lot. It's so good, it blows my mind. I'm only halfway through the drama, so expect a review or something like that in a month or so. Also, I've watched a Korean movie (after so long!) entitled Many a Little Romance a.k.a. Penny Pinchers featuring Song Joong-ki and Han Ye-seul so I might get on to that in the next week. Hopefully. So that's my update! Sorry for the lack of materials. Blame my horse pile of assignments. Toodeloo!

On with the pretty people!

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