Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Coming, INFINITE's 2nd Invasion Concert

I haven't talked about INFINITE for a while, mostly because they haven't released their regular material lately. They released a Christmas-y single entitled 'Lately' back in December, but it was a combination of laziness and lack of Sunggyu lines (forgive me, I'm terribly biased) that I decided not to review it. Anyways, personal issues aside, this post is going to talk about a momentous occasion in INFINITE's short but glorious history, their first Korean solo concert entitled 2nd Invasion.

Comments on the name. I know this is the continuation of their efforts in the live music arena, but naming your first concert second anything is a little off to me. Just a thought. But besides that, I am so happy for them! They've developed and grown so much in since their debut in 2010. To those of you who are more aware of perhaps more American method of promoting one's music which is concert (or tour, whichever) first, fame second, K-pop has a different way of thinking. An idol would first "tour" their way through network television, release numerous songs each year, trying to find fans. Concerts are reserved only to those who made it because it signifies that they have thousands of fans waiting in line to watch them live. Considering these circumstances, it's clear to say that INFINITE has definitely reached that peak of popularity. In mere months, really, if you ask me.

One of the reasons why I want to report this news to you, besides the explanation above, is the teasers! Sadly, I couldn't find a nice (a.k.a. HQ) digital copy of their posters. They're smudged together and very tiny, may I add. But thankfully, their video teasers are open for the world to see! And may I add that they're pretty impressive teasers too. The first one is pretty "simple". It shows clips of their super hit 'Be Mine' while the boys, dressed in fine suits, "dances" the windmill (?) move in their 'BTD (Before the Dawn)' song. They danced it in parts and when put together becomes some cool stop motion dance sequence! Yay stop motion!

The second teaser is a lot cooler. The boys become some sort of secret agents on a mission. This one is definitely the one that made me awe. In 36 seconds, the video was able to capture my curiosity and, if I exaggerate a bit, made me sit at the edge of my seat. It was action-packed, epic, and the thrilling BGM helped a lot too. One of the things I love the most about this teaser is actually in the end where the lights are crawling in to form the infinite symbol. For some reasons to me it was just cool.

I'm definitely excited for this concert even though I couldn't go. I can always rely on the fan recorded materials when they come out. Good luck, INFINITE! It's only a week away (the concert is held on the 11th and 12th of February). Don't psych yourself out, make sure to get some sleep, know that there will be thousands of fans waiting in that stadium cheering you on. As for me, I will be here waiting for your next album.

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