Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion King Officially Kicks Off!

Ah, yes, one of the most anticipated dramas of the year (at least for me), Fashion King, is officially in shooting mode. The four main cast, Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Je-hoon, and Yuri are off to New York City to film their first scene together where, perhaps in a strange de javu moment or something where they all meet in the middle of Times Square as they awkwardly stare at each other reminiscing about the strange past they shared together as the camera spins around them trying to capture that exact moment as each character attempts to put on their most angst-ridden face ever. Ha, I'm just kidding. It may actually be like that but I'll remain doubtful. Someone give me a lollipop if that does come true.

All jokes aside, this will be the first scene where all four characters are praticipating. At least the first scene they will shoot, not necessarily plot-wise. Mr Yoo himself has already shot his share of scenes as he risks his life and limbs in wire-action sequences. Seems like this drama is more physical than I thought. Free interpretation is liberated. He did the stunts by himself, by the way, so applause for him. He himself already started filming on February 2nd. Or at least that's when the news came out, so probably late January to early February.

With the premiere date creeping closer (March 12!), more plot is revealed. So the story is about Kang Young-gul, played by Mr Yoo, who started out as being a stall vendor in the affordable fashion mega-market Dongdaemun. Having no dreams or goals, he trolls around everyday living his life in the Dongdaemun market. He then meets Lee Ga-young, played by Shin, who inspires him to be better. Possibly out of love. You know, the usual stuff. Lee's and Yuri's characters Jung Jae-hyuk and Choi Anna respectively isn't really quite clear upon how they came to interact because contrary to Young-gul and (possibly) Ga-young who is of the regular citizen kind, Jae-hyuk and (possibly) Anna are more of the upper crust type. Perhaps they'll meet when Young-gul becomes rich and meets the two. But doesn't that mean they can all interact only so much later in the show? I guess we'll never know until we watch it. Translations of each character's profile can be found here.

So back to the news. The cast will be headed to New York and officially starts filming on February 13. They will be filming on location for two weeks. So for those of you who are in the New York area, you are in luck! You may or may not get a glimpse of your favorite stars in action. That is, if you are lucky. Just try your hardest. I will be waiting for the fan photos. Take good ones. Kthxbai.

Fashion King will premiere on SBS starting March 12, 2012 and will air every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM. It will air right after History of a Salaryman which I heard is a wacky, off-beat drama in and of itself.

For more info, if you can read Korean, you can head on over to their official SBS website here. By the way I love the banner of designers a lot better than the ones of the actors. It looks a lot more chic. It also shows how well you know your houte couture fashion and designers. I think I can name seven of them. How many do you know?

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