Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion King Hotness on April's Esquire

I think I have to give thanks to Esquire magazine. For their April issue, they brought not only one, but two hot stars of Fashion King. Even though the drama isn't my cup of tea as of the first two episodes, these two men are probably my main reason of treading through the ugly. But hey, if being on a fashion drama is going to get these boys more spreads, then bring it on.

Yoo Ah-in looks awesome in Neil Barrett. The red makes his awkward hair cool.

Lee Je-hoon rocks pink like no other man. And that smirk will reel in ladies for miles.

(There's another photo but my connection is acting up. Be patient, my friends. Or just go to another website. Which brings me, does anyone have the full Lee Je-hoon spread? I'd be ever thankful.)

The two photo spread in a way switches their roles in the drama. Mr. Yoo gets to be the tie-wearing badass guy and Lee Je-hoon is the sweet, charismatic kid in pink. Well, not exactly the roles in the drama but definitely different. Who cares, the look hot. Now, can the drama be just as hot please? It's making me sad.

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