Friday, March 23, 2012

First Take: Fashion King

Finally the first episode of the long awaited Fashion King is out! This is Yoo Ah-in's first drama in two years, since the successful (and crack-tastic) fusion sageuk Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The first episode reeled in a good 10%, while the second slipped to an 8,2% in ratings. A drama filled with fashion and youthful glory, how did this drama fare on its first episode?

First of all, I needed to get this off my back. How come no one told me this was a makjang? For those of you who don't know, a makjang is a super exaggerated drama, something of the same level of an American soap opera or an Indonesian sinetron. For the record I hate makjang. Heck, it's my hobby to curse at sinetrons whenever it comes on TV. True story. If this drama didn't have Yoo Ah-in or Lee Je-hoon, I would've bid adios by minute 20.

I think the main question this drama has to answer is what direction are they trying to go? I mean, it's going back and forth between makjang, comedy, trendy drama, and everything in between. I get that they don't want to pin themselves to any one genre, but this is ridiculous. It sometimes feel like it's a billion dramas rolled into one. I just hope that this goes on for the first couple of episodes only, maybe in attempt to get everyone to know each other. But after that, please focus on the fashion. Or something. You know because, I don't know, the title hints of something that goes like that.

In terms of acting, I've never doubted them. At least Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon, and Shin Se-kyung, because SNSD's Yuri hasn't showed up yet. Yoo Ah-in's character Kang Young-gul becomes the drama's comedic relief of some sorts. Which is refreshing compared to his depressed self lately. But I hope his sole purpose on this show is not to be the class clown. Shin Se-kyung was full of heart and gave her character Lee Ga-young the most personality out of them all (although plot related, she did great). Lee Je-hoon's Jung Jae-hyuk is your typical snobby chaebol so nothing surprising there. But he's hot, so who cares.

Actually, I do care. It's such a waste of talent, sir! Ugh, sometimes I just want to go in there, grab him by the collar, shake him out of his guts, and yell at him "GO BACK TO MOVIES!" But who knows, maybe his character will be a lot more complicated later on. Maybe, hopefully, all their characters and the plot itself will become more interesting the more it goes. We'll just have to hope this story will be worth the while. I just don't want to finish the drama just for the sake of the cast. They may be lovely people, but bad story isn't worth my life.

As far as the first episode goes, I'm not impressed. Mostly because of the makjang tendencies this drama is heading towards. But I'm still keeping my hopes up. You better not disappoint me, drama. Or else. Just ditch the evil stepmother, put on your Christian Louboutin's, and sashay away from this hell of a plot. I know you can do it. I trust you.

And yes, I was right about the spinning around in Times Square. Oh you predicable dramas, you tickle me rainbow. And yes, someone did take off their clothes. Actually, both of the men did. So at this point, I don't know who I'm going to root for. (Previously I've joked on Twitter I'll root for the boy who takes off their clothes.) But it'll probably be Young-gul because he got naked more times than Jae-hyuk did. Just keep 'em coming, boys.

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