Saturday, March 17, 2012

INFINITE Will Be Back. In 2 Months.

After a super week of blogathon last week, I am back to my regular programming. Which is talk about K-pop and all that. And when I say K-pop, I mean INFINITE. I don't really listen to newer K-pop these days, because well, they suck. But I know I can depend on these guys for super awesome music at all times. Good news is they'll be back! Bad news is I have to wait two months. Thanks a lot.

I wish they gave out the teaser, I don't know, around May or something so I don't have to think about it for too long. Perhaps this is marketing strategy, but for me it's torture. Come on! When will I get to see Sunggyu rock that super awesome hair of his on stage!

Anywhos, the boys will be back in May. The theme is rock, rebel, and leather. And bling. And your grandma's old sweater? Aw come on guys, get that thing of Sungyeol. It's totally ruining the vibe of things. At least make it black and fitted and bedazzled like Dongwoo's. And probably Hoya's chic-tastic leopard jacket too, but I'll let it be because he's rocking it.

I hope they'll really stick to rock this time and not slip back to 80's electro. Not that I'm complaining, but I sort of want to see INFINITE as pseudo rockers. Because I'm sure they can. Just go easy on the mascara and keep doing those super awesome back-bending choreography you do.

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