Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunggyu Successfully Ran Away from the SM Machine

Apparently my favorite INFINITE member, Sunggyu, once auditioned for SM Entertainment. I guess who wouldn't. But is it bad that he got turned down by perhaps one of the biggest idol factory company in all of Asia?

Hells no. In fact, I'm so relieved he ran away from what I call an evil machine. And so far, I'm so happy they didn't get their hands on some amazing vocals out there in the business who would otherwise drown in the machine that is SM.

I'm pretty sure everyone (and I mean everyone, don't be ignorant) that SM is pretty first, talent second. Maybe pretty first, funny second, talent sixth or something, considering the direction they're headed now. They're lucky if they got superb talent along with it (DBSK and SHINee are solid SM artists that are both pretty and talented). Even their own people acknowledge it. Leeteuk of Super Junior fame once mentioned that SM is known for their pretty. The super IU said she was rejected because she wasn't pretty enough. And this is said on national TV, so even SM isn't denying it.

Anyways, back to Sunggyu. From the get-go he's far from what SM calls even near ideal. He's known for his small eyes (which is lovely), he looks like your average Korean boy, and he sings rock songs. People that have been commenting on the AllKpop article said SME regrets not recruiting him. No, I don't think SM regrets it. Don't be narrow-minded. Even if Sunggyu and INFINITE became the number one group in the whole world, SM won't regret it. He just isn't an SM type of guy. And you should be thankful. If he did end up in SM, they'll just suck the life out of him.

From the video you can tell Sunggyu doesn't sound as smooth as he does now. He still lacks control, and is in need of fine tuning. But the song he sang had feelings, and he sang it with his heart. I bet those SM robots couldn't compute his emotions.

I'm glad he's in a mostly music minded company like Woollim Entertainment. Or at least they still have legit artists in their roster, so music must be in their minds somewhere. At least in here he could pursue music however much an idol can do. Not the best music, but still music. Just make May fast for me, okay? But man, do I wish to see him go fully rocker mode.

P.S. If there's any of you who may be offended by my rage rant on SM, then I'm sorry. But seriously, if you're an SM worshiper, then we shouldn't be friends. Really. Unless you want to run home crying.

Just for fun, here's Sunggyu doing what he does best: dancing. Notice the sarcasm there.


  1. well, seriously you made me laugh with every posts you made. you have this thing with language that you could draw people's attention. great job.

  2. Hmm...I agree that he wouldn't have suited SM but I wouldn't say that Woollim is prefect. I mean, I was kinda disappointed in how they treated Tablo when he was being persecuted by Tajinyo. They practically left him there to dry...

  3. But Infinite is part of SM