Monday, May 28, 2012

Big News for Big

Just for the record that title sucks, but I wanted to join in on the punny party led by the lovely ladies at Dramabeans. Boy do I love the puns we can squeeze out of it.

Anyways, the drama I'm talking about is Big. Yes, that's the title. It's another drama by the magical, hilarious sisterly duo commonly known as the Hong sisters. The are the mastermind behind one of my favorite dramas of all time, Sassy Girl Chun-hyang and maker of other super dramas with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Best Love as their two most recent. There's many, many reasons why I'm so excited for the drama. And here's why!

The cast. I know I have to be more weary of depending purely on cast after the horrible train wreck that is Fashion King. I don't know if I could forgive myself for watching that stuff. But for this one, I'm excited like really excited. Mostly because it's the first Gong Yoo drama since the awesomeness that is Coffee Prince. It's been five! years since Gong Yoo graced our small screen and nothing short of a celebration could do the trick. Of course that drama celebration is no match to the drama debut of a movie veteran, but I digress. Plus there are Suzy from Miss A and Lee Min-jung who are just two of the most lovely women in Korean entertainment. Okay there are other lovely women too, but I wouldn't shy away from saying these two can be my girl crushes. So, yeah, I'm excited.

The story. Now, I realize that the Hong sisters isn't for everyone. Crazy to believe, but apparently that's the case to some. Also, they do tend to be a hit and miss sometimes and I'm not too fond of their mid-plus episodes drama plunge, but that's just me. But of all the Hong sisters drama I've watched (which is four, pretty good I say), I've enjoyed all of them thoroughly. What excites me the most about this particular setting is the sheer awkwardness that may ensue that will probably make me pee in my pants from laughing too hard.

So what is the story you ask? Well, Gong Yoo plays this dude named Seo Yoon-jae who is the perfect Doctor McAwesomepants. Not sure what kind of doctor but on average, doctors in dramas equals super duper people. He is engaged to a teacher, Gil Da-ran, played by Lee Min-jung. But then, he got in an accident and by drama magic, his soul is swapped into a teenage boy's body. The awkward part is the boy (Shin Won-ho) is a student in Da-ran's class, plus he has his own girlfriend (Suzy). And so yeah, basically the drama gods are playing punk'd (is that still even in anymore?) with there four poor souls. Poor you. At least you have Gong Yoo's body face incredible acting to stare at get you inspired.

I could only imagine the hilarity. Gong Yoo acting like a teenager and Lee Min-jung being all like WTF happened to my fiance? And everyone might go berzerk but that may only happen in my mind. Is it that much cooler in my head than my fingers managed to convince you? I have failed then. But watch it, or you might regret it. No promises though. I lost faith in dramas after Fashion King. Sobs.

But one thing though, if you're an international student and you just google 'big', what would you get? The 1988 movie starring Tom Hanks. Apparently that's a really famous movie. Well, not much of an awkward situation google-wise I guess. What am I saying.

Oh, also for international fans, this drama is on KBS so you might be able to catch it on KBS World three weeks after the June 4th premiere. I don't watch dramas on KBS World, but maybe you would.

Images: Dramabeans

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