Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Take: INFINITE's The Chaser

After spending a few months in Japan in attempt to take over the world one country at a time, INFINITE is back with a rockin' new Korean song. 'The Chaser' sounds very INFINITE and it's not a bad thing. And if there's one thing that is different, it's their maturity. So check out this song!

To me this song sounds like their almost-singles, like 'Shot' or '1/3'. The songs that were used as a filler in the beginning of the actual single. It's very different than their usual singles that have catchy and distinct chorus lines. But I'm not complaining because 'Shot' and '1/3' are great songs that do need to get their own spotlight so good for them for promoting this single.

With that said, this song is very INFINITE. I think it's safe to say that now INFINITE has officially claimed their sound. Whenever you hear an INFINITE song, you know it's them because it's how they sound. It may be a bad thing but in fact it may actually be very good. Unlike many other idol groups that suffer from identity crisis, INFINITE knows who they are and how they're going to sound. Easily, this is one of their strong points. Beside having extremely talented members within themselves.

The video is quite unique. Actually, I don't really get it at all. There's conspiracy theories floating around the fandom but I'm not going to buy it. To me they're just a bunch of footage of the boys. There may be a common denominator somewhere but upon first look (which is the whole idea of this post), I see nothing. Although seeing L looking like a doofus spinning around in that car is pretty funny. And can I say that Dong-woo breaking a line of colorful fluorescent lights atop a motorcycle looks pretty awesome.

One word to the stylist: what the hell were you thinking with Seung-yeol's hair? It looks freaking ridiculous. He looks like an ajumma and that's never a good thing. Thankfully by the looks of their showcase he will look like his normal handsome self in the regular performances.

With that said, I was disappointed that they didn't go through with the rocker image they promised us a couple of months ago. I was readying myself to a whole new rugged, edgy side of INFINITE but this is just another 'Be Mine' look. Meh.

The mini album INFINITIZE is already out but there's a sneak peak preview for those of you who are planning to buy. Oh and the mini album title? Yeah it's real. It's sounds like that otherword that has negative connotations to it. I hope they didn't have that in mind though. Aside from the name, I think there are some awesome songs in there and check them out when you can!

Image souce: Bugs! Music

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