Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yoo Ah-in Will Be Back in a Movie as a Gangster

It's been reported that one of my favorite, Mr Yoo Ah-in, is coming back with a movie currently known as Tin Head. It tells a story of a former gangster who goes to find a more morally acceptable job in order to finance his sick mother. It's described as a human story, which basically has your usual moral of the story, triumph, heartache, and all that hotness shifting of hearts.

What a surprise. Please hint the ironic tone in that sentence.

I'm not thoroughly complaining. First of all, I'm always glad he's coming back to the big screen. One because my less than optimum attention span won't let me watch awkward dramas that last 16 hours. Two, Mr Yoo, no matter how awesome he is at acting, isn't the best chooser in projects. I mean, you know how much I loathed Fashion King. I haven't finished it and I don't think I will. And sadly he doesn't even choose that many projects to begin with. But compared to his drama picks which tend to suck (Sungkyunkwan Scandal was the only one that really stole my heart. Mostly because of the epic romance between him and Song Joong-ki), his movies aren't half bad. Only Sky and Ocean completely failed on me. One of them is even my favorite feel-good movie ever (see Antique). So it's obvious that movies are good for him. At least in my eyes.

It's just that I wish he wasn't playing a gangster-type character for the nth time. It'll be nice if he can play other characters that's been stuck in the mud. Maybe that's his inner movie character but, what if. I mean, his on and off forever love buddy Song Joong-ki is doing a total 180 and I'm loving it. It gives him depth. Sexy depth (whatever that means).

Maybe I should just stop complaining and be thankful he's doing a project where he's the sole lead character. Every actor's dream. It's been told that this particular character is the one to play for the young actors of Korea so maybe that's a good indication it's a good story line?

But there is one thing I'm looking forward to. Mr Yoo having speaking in saturi (regional accent). The movie is set in Busan, and it'll be really awkward if he was speaking in a city tongue. It won't be too hard for him, I guess, since he's also from the south, alas not as south as Busan. And I think accents are always cool. Always. Okay maybe not always, but a lot of times. Accents always end up either cool or just downright hilarious. Sorry guys.

Principal photography starts this November until around spring. Which means the movie will be out by next fall. Great. More anticipation. And awful waiting time.

I'm going to digress and talk about the title of the source (linked below). How come anyone who is having like a few CFs and a bit of fame is called "blue chip" of Chungmuro? If Chungmuro have that many blue chips, how come it isn't as awesome as it's supposed to be? And seriously, these public nicknames suck. A bit overgeneralizing.

Source: Hancinema


  1. Hey I accidentally found this article and I like it.After reading and thinking it twice, I thought I have to share some thoughts about the statement in the last paragraph based on my personal testimony. As someone who just came back from Korea, I must say matter-factly that Yoo Ah In belongs to the "big league" in Korea. Having a few CFs (commercial films) don't reflect his real reputation/fame because I literally saw his face everywhere from Seoul to Busan, bus body, bus stop, store's windows, subways, newsstands, etc. If I'm not mistaken, I saw 5-6 different commercials (I presume exclusive contracts, thus only limited to 6 brands) of him along the way. My Korean friend told me he's famous because of his last movie. And perhaps local media calls him "blue chip" of Chungmuro based on it. However I do agree with you that this term is overuse. Just my humble observation. Thanks for the article :)

    PS: I LOVE Satoori. You must hear it yourself to feel the beauty. There's no hilarity in there except a sing-song accent that reminds me of Japanese :)

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I for one don't really know the exact condition in Korea so what I said is based on solely the news report I'm getting. But yeah, I think my biggest complaint is the fact that a lot of times media likes to label people on seemingly minute things. I don't know, maybe it's just me and labeling.

      I haven't really noticed saturi has the same tone as Japanese. That's really interesting though. Saturi gets hilarious when done in the wrong way. Like how people do Jersey accents when it doesn't really sound like it.

  2. I first "met" Yoo Ah In in "Fashion King." Although I hated the ending where he was killed, I didn't think the drama to be bad at all. Yoo Ah In was in great shape, acting wise. His range of talent and emotion is really wide. After that drama, I looked into other Yoo Ah In drama and movie projects. I was disappointed that there wasn't much. How can a very talented person not have many projects in movie and drama. I am not in Korea so I do not know the extent of his product endorsements. Yoo Ah In should have another dramas and movies while he is young. When he gets older, he can have other challenging roles since he is so talented. I am also following now Song Joong Ki (The Innocent Man) and Ji Chang Wook (Five Finger.) I hope to watch a Yoo Ah In drama soon too, not just a movie, although I highly anticipated watching Tin Head.

    1. I didn't really like Fashion King much because it isn't the type of thing I like. I'm glad you like it though! Yeah, one of the things that kind of sucks is that Yoo Ah-in isn't in a lot of projects, but I think if you look you'll find quite a few. Have you watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal? It stars both Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong-ki and I think it's a good story.

  3. Hi Conan, may I know why you chose Yoo Ah In to be in the blog title? I am a fan of Yoo Ah In too. But besides that, any particular reason for choosing him over the others?


    1. Besides the fact that I like Yoo Ah-in (I think I've proclaimed it way too much on this blog :P), I really like the picture with the cat looking at the picture. It looks aesthetically pleasing to me, not just pure eye candy. I've had it for a year, so maybe I should change it up?