Monday, September 17, 2012

Casting News for Cable Drama 'Can We Get Married?'

What is up with me and casting news lately? By all means am I no more enthusiastic at drama castings as some of you. Actually, maybe some of you care about it more than me. But considering this particular casting news is a standout I guess for me, then we shall proceed. And if you're wondering, it's the casting for cable drama Can We Get Married?

If you're a Dramabeans reader just like me, then you'd know that this particular news bit popped up on their site. I'm usually lazy, so I actually skip out the drama recap which might seem useless being Dramabeans is mainly a drama recap site. The main reason I hop in is mostly to see the latest drama/movie news which is usually absent in the majority of K-pop news sites. At first I wasn't any more interested about the Lee Mi-sook casting news. I know she's fabulous. I've only watched 1.5 of her movies (she was super fab in Actresses, I guess really good in An Affair but that movie bored me to tears at the time of watching), but she is one hell of a power player. Anyways, I didn't really mind that all too much until today when I was randomly searching for stuff on Korean news sites. No it's not about prices of plastic surgery although I think it's probably cheaper than I'd hope it to be. Shivers.

I searched because of a new-ish secret favorite actor. If you've followed me along this blog journey (which I will say thank you!) then you'd know my blatant obsession with Yoo Ah-in and Jo Seung-woo. And Song Joong-ki, I guess. And countless others. Oh my. But there's another actor (yet again) added to my list which is Sung Joon. I've reviewed one of his dramas, White Christmas. He was clearly outshined by the awesome Baek Sung-hyun, but he did his job well. His breaking role is definitely Shut Up! Flower Boy Band in which he played band leader Kwon Ji-hyuk, one of the many amazing characters in that drama. He was definitely the one running away with the gold medal.

Anyways! I feel like the intro is a bit too long. Sorry about that. What I'm trying to tell you is, Sung Joon is in this drama! Yay! He's been a bit MIA for the past who knows how long. The only thing most of us knew was that he was working on this odd high school movie called Pluto, which has a synopsis strangely similar to White Christmas. Maybe that's why he was cast? Thankfully to you (but mostly probably me), he won't play a high schooler in this drama. If I can reiterate Google Translate correctly, which for a majority of the time is an epic fail, Sung Joon will play a groom-to-be who will be wed in 100 days. His connection to Lee Mi-sook is that he will be marrying her daughter.

Lee Mi-sook plays the role of a widowed wife whose current life goal is to marry off her daughters, played by Jung So-min and Jung Ae-yeon. There will be a few couples on display in this drama including to-be-weds Jung So-min and Sung Joon whose parents, played by Seon Woo Eun-suk and Kang Seok-woo, aren't exactly on board him marrying this girl (for reasons unknown. Possibly differences in socioeconomy or something. You know the K-drama drill). Other daughter Jung Ae-yeon is in a relationship with Kim Sung-min in jeopardy of divorce, Kim Young-kwang and Han Groo playing a long-term couple who is on the crossroads of choosing between going for the long run (marriage) or to take the next exit (breakup), and of course a middle-aged model (as in exemplary) couple played by Choi Hwa-jung and Kim Jin-su.

*Note: this is a Google Translated article and so the relationship descriptions might be off. If there's any chance you can help me out in this, which is always a welcome, this is the original article.

A few other things I want to point out, thus making this post even longer. Bear with me. One, Kim Young-gwang and Sung Joon were co-stars in White Christmas. They are also agency buddies. Two, this is the comeback project for Kim Sung-min who had a bit of trouble with the law last year. Three, is it possibly that Lee Mi-sook would be the only one not in a couple? I guess she could be her own lady, which is great. And sort of glad there isn't any awkward love storyline brewing for her. Not that a romantic storyline isn't nice. It's just that it's cool to see that a single lady can rock the world without the help of a man. Girl power activate! Ehem. And four, isn't Jung So-min currently in the drama Standby? How is she going to juggle two dramas at the same time? May she be well.

In terms of actual story, I'm glad it won't be the traditional one arc story with a dusting of others like 99% of Korean dramas as there are a few couples for us to see here. The dramas that usually have multiple couples front and center are usually daily dramas which I'm not really sure whether this particular drama will categorize as one. I'm hoping that it's not because I can barely finish a 16 episode drama for my own good, let alone a drama with hundreds of episodes.

Can We Get Married? just held their roundtable reading on September 13 and looking into an October 3 premiere on JTBC. The only question is, will you be watching?

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