Friday, March 7, 2014

First Take: Drama God's Gift-14 Days

Hey guys, long time no see. I know, I missed you too. But don't worry. I think I'll be coming back often. I'll try. Anyways, I want to talk about that drama God's Gift-14 Days that has my fave Jo Seung-woo in it. And oh boy, are you in for a ride. If you decide to watch it of course.

The story is about a mother (Lee Bo-young) who loses her child (Kim Yoo-bin). Somehow the universe interferes and she was given a ride on the time machine 14 days prior to her daughter's death, and try to save her life.

Okay, the first two episodes definitely set a really good tone for hopefully the rest of the drama. It's thrilling, the mood is appropriately chilling, well paced, awesome acting. So far so good.

But holy mother of cow. There's a reason (or two) that I don't watch thrilling dramas. One, I worry for my blood pressure. Two, I have to wait a week for a new episode. I mean, are you trying to kill Saet-byul or are you trying to kill me?

Got that out of the way. So let's talk about the drama itself. Since the mystery is very dependent on the story line, I won't talk about the plot at all. Even a little. I know it's going to be hard. I want to discuss conspiracies too. But people avoid spoilers like a plague. So if you want to chime in about the drama, please keep it spoiler free. If you want to discuss more, my email is on the top page of my blog.

First let's talk about the overall feel of the drama. It is intense. So far, aside from some mishaps which may be placed as clues so I'll let it go, it's bee very well done. The atmosphere reflects the situation going on very well. It's sunny when it needs to, and dark and cold when it calls for it. It seems like such a small thing, but the mood makes everything. Especially if you're trying to kill the viewers with tension. That mood needs to be done right.

I also want to give a shout out to the sound designer. Well done, bro. Dramas all across the board depend on music to set the tone, but at times here the lack of sound tells more than any sound at all. You know what I mean. Those eerie moments. I'd rather get a Jaws OST on any day than the sound of wind whistling. That is bone chilling right there.

Cinematography. Awesome. This drama feels more high quality than usual. There are even times, especially (thankfully enough) during the more action filled scenes, it looks like it came out of the movie. There's a train chasing here (hopefully not super spoiler-y), it reminds me of those train chases in movies. There's a lot, but for a drama to get that feel is awesome. I love it. I mean, just look at the poster. Looks legit.

Finally, acting. This cast is superb and everyone as far as I'm concerned has done their job well. Boy did Lee Bo-young got me crying. Girl, you did awesome. Jo Seung-woo holds the responsibility to cut the tension by a tad when things got too intense. But as always he delivers both goofier and sillier scenes like the pro he is, although I think in the future he'll be involved in more serious scenes. Also, Kim Tae-woo as the dad gives me weird heeby-jeebies. I can't get my finger on his character, but I love it.

As of episode 2, there's no suspect in particular. Actually, the whole time traveling hasn't even occurred yet. They ended episode 2 with (spoilers?) Big-esque drowning scene. And, according to the trailer, even has the same hand grabbing? OMG. But I suppose most drama drowning scenes are going to be like this. So whatever.

I am super excited about this drama. I knew I'll like it somehow but not this much. Hopefully they can keep the pacing this quick all the way to the end. Oh.... I just realized. If it's 14 days, does that mean each episode is 1 day?! Duh-doy. Hopefully it'll be like that. Sort of real time but not really.

Come on, drama, be cool. Be cool!

PS. I want to write along the way as the drama goes on, but I'm not exactly sure how and how often. Should I do it weekly? Quarterly? Do a halfway report? Or only review it in the end? And should I talk about spoilers or keep the talk technical? If anyone wants to do discussions, I might as well make it a weekly spoiler filled post but only if there are people who actually want to talk about it. Just let me know I guess.

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