Thursday, March 13, 2014

God's Gift-14 Days, Week 2

It's decided. I'm going to do weekly reports on God's Gift. This blog needs a little love, plus someone did ask me to do one so here I am doing it. I did a First Take last week of the first two episodes, which explained a little about the tone of the show. At least so far. For the weekly reports, I won't talk too much about technicalities, that will be saved for an overall review. Instead, I will mostly talk about the plot and the mystery of it all. So these weekly reports will be filled to the brim with spoilers. But this is in no way a recap. I won't speak into detail scene per scene, just things that stand out. Now I'm not the most attentive of people, so I probably will miss out on a few details. So if there are things I missed each week, let me know. I'll probably slap myself on the forehead after.

Last week's episodes was mostly introductions. Of characters and story line. I won't go too much into detail about it. A big turn of events that occurred is actually there was not one, but four deaths. One is the obvious, and that is the daughter, Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-bin). But the other three are Soo-hyun (Lee Bo-young) and Dong-chang (Jo Seung-woo) who drowned at the same lake as the daughter. Soo-hyun commited suicide and Dong-chan was drowned by a gang of thugs. The other death is Dong-ho (Jung Eun-pyo), Dong-chan's mentally disabled brother who was executed for a murder he supposedly did 10 years ago. And that's where we start on week two.

Episode 3

Soo-hyun and Dong-chan is saved from the grips of death. Or rather, Dong-chan saved the both of them from the grips of death. Before that, Soo-hyun was almost consumed by magical grass, which supposedly is the thing that gave her, and Dong-chan, the magic tunnel to the past. So here's something the initial setting didn't mention. Dong-chan is in it with the time travelling too. Probably why he was also featured in the trailers?

Obviously coming back from the dead and returning to the past doesn't really sit well with most people. Everyone basically thinks you're crazy.

First of all, she realizes her daughter is not dead. She's alive. For some reason she keeps emphasizing that she's not dead, instead of she's still alive. Glass half empty much? Which of course the husband was like, "duh, she's not dead you crazy lady."

Since her husband won't believe her, she went to the police. Bad idea. She would report all the crimes and details this murderer did. And of course the police thought she was crazy and might even be the murderer herself, since she knows these little details about stuff they haven't even told the reporters.

Also as soon as they went back to the past, Soo-hyun notices that even though she would do things differently, similar situations happen just the way it did when she first did it. Like the burnt shirt, Soo-hyun burning herself on the iron and Saet-byul getting a cut from broken glass. They were done differently, but the consequences are still the same.

Same goes to Soo-hyun's attempt at getting her daughter out of Korea. Because that will be my jerk reaction too, get the daughter out of harms way. But again, she wasn't able to do that. Her daughter got a bad allergy reaction and had to be sent back.

There's no use of running away from fate. You have to fight it. As the creepy ahjumma from the weird cafe said before.

Also, that cafe was never there when Soo-hyun came back in her second attempt. Creeeepy.

Side note. Does Soo-hyun have photographic memory or something? She seems to remember details of the past very well. Good for her I suppose. Would've been difficult if you don't remember anything in your past to try to change said path. Good thing she wasn't me.

Dong-chan also had a disbelief that he was back in the past as one would when they've gone back to the past. He thought everyone has gone insane, why a train passenger would read a month-old newspaper, or why the gang members who carried out his murder doesn't even remember meeting him. His aha moment came when Secretly Rich Grandpa, who died in the present, called him asking for coffee and meat. Seeing this (and wanting his cash), Dong-chan gives up his private investigation work to become a good person.

But of course, Soo-hyun wants to work with him to try to solve the mystery. Together, since they're the only ones that are going through this whole time travelling madness. But also because Dong-chan used to be one of the best police in the business. A great fighter and very smart, always a step ahead of the criminal. But for some reason he decided to quit, perhaps something to do with the shooting incident involving his nephew? Is it also why Young-gyu (Baro) is mentally disabled too? It can happen, you know. Trauma and its effect to one's cognitive ability.

Dong-chan was against the idea at first, but seeing Saet-byul's picture and realizing that it was his chance to save his brother, he decided to work with Soo-hyun.

Although working with Soo-hyun seems to be quite the difficult task. She's still in that panic mode and acts on instinct alone. She would go to the scene of the crime without telling Dong-chan of her plans, and basically trying to solve it alone.

Her to-do list of the day is tracking down the girl who was murdered. After getting the wrong girl the first time, she finally tracks down the right girl at a club that wasn't even on her list. It is the right girl. Drunk, has a skull shirt and cross necklace. So she follows her to the scary dark alley. In the rain. When suddenly, a man in a cloak and mask grabbed her with a knife against her. Dong-chan is on the phone with her, unable to get an answer to her whereabouts.

Episode 4

The man in the mask took Soo-hyun's phone and talked to Dong-chan. But... Dong-chan said "it's you"? Does he know who the man is? Or is he just being all thuggy?

Also, how come the knife is sometimes blurred and sometimes not? Inconsistent.

Dong-chan of course came to the rescue, but before Soo-hyun tried to beat him herself. The girl who was supposed to die was already strangled so, was it a different guy? After Dong-chan gave the man a beating, he took off the mask but of course, we didn't get to see his face. He ran away before then.

The girl was saved. But of course, fate caught up with her. And the man in the mask (Zorro? haha) found her and did his job.

Thus ends the first day of their 14 days. So it is going to be 24 style.

So how did Dong-chan find her in a secluded alley? A tracking device. Of course, you Dong-chan.

Anyways the search goes on. Dong-chan's crew comes in to help, since he's still technically the boss and they don't have anything to do otherwise. Soo-hyun's husband Ji-hoon (Kim Tae-woo) is pissed she's going around town doing who-knows-what and still going on about Saet-byul going to die. Unfortunately Saet-byul overheard. That's the last thing a child would want to hear.

Ji-hoon comes in their impromptu headquarters and shooed them out the house. Dong-chan though thinksJi-hoon looked familiar. Could he be related to the case? He seems very mysterious from the get-go. I wonder if the writers did that on purpose. But at this point we don't know what his past is, and who knows. Maybe it's related to Dong-chan's police days.

Dong-chan and Soo-hyun comes to the karaoke bar that will be the setting of the third murder. Already? But before there was a little scene involving Young-gyu and his teacher. Why are these fictional special education teachers always suspicious looking? I feel bad for actual good-hearted ones you know. Anyways, we have come to know that he has an abdomen wound, a stab perhaps? Is he...?

Unfortunately, he did go to karaoke bar. In a fire inspector suit, to be exact. Is he our first suspect? Or is he the real deal? And in there, he sneaks in... a smoke bomb. So he's clearly up to no good.

The bomb did go off, and the teacher in a fireman suit was about to grab the girl who was to be the third victim. Fortunately, Soo-hyun saves her first before he could. Soo-hyun decides to trade clothes with the girl and lure the killer along with the help of the police. Dong-chan's job is to take the girl home. Make sure she's safe and sound at home.

But of course, fate catches up again. As Dong-chan goes to move his car, the killer moves in the girl's house. Dong-chan is too late, coming in to a dark apartment. With blood on the floor. And the killer still in the bathroom with his dead victim.

An intense fighting and chasing scene ensues. Woo-jin (Jung Kyeo-woon), head police and Soo-hyun's past lover, is in on the action.

The episode took a nail biting twist when Soo-hyun decides to run over the murderer. But instead, because she didn't lock the car. People, never forget to lock the car. The killer took the wheels and kidnaps Soo-hyun to an abandoned building. Car tracking came into rescue again and the police force was able to chase them down.

Soo-hyun, the brash woman that she is, is able to push the killer teacher off the side of the building. And after grabbing on to him, she decided to let him fall.


Whoa oh my, what an exciting week again. Especially the 4th episode. I suppose same with last week. The first episode of the week was cool but not as heart-tumpingly thrilling as the second. I guess to get the viewers wanting more?

So by the 4th episode we know the perpetrator. A teacher at Michael School of Special Education. Young-gyu's teacher. But the new question now is why? Why all these women? What's his motive?

The police investigating the case said the three women have nothing in common. But I disagree. They're not looking deep enough. This is technically his first crime (at least of what we know) and he's only been killing women for the last three days. So I would scratch out him being a psychopath. Unless of course he does have previous crimes that we don't know of yet.

But the clue is with the women. I think they do have something in common. I'm not sure exactly what. But the dots are there and we just have to connect them.

I'm no good at figuring these things out. But my feeling is that this drama is aiming for a bigger message. The big brother, if you will. I mean the killer is already figured out by the 4th episode, so we're not even halfway there. We're not just here to figure out a murder case, but maybe the writers are trying to tell us something more?

One thing though I do hope the killer doesn't die. Yet. Because a killed murderer means killed off information. Information that might save Saet-byul or Dong-ho. So hopefully maybe Dong-chan is there on the first floor softening the killer's fall and putting him straight to jail. If only it was that easy.

I think now the biggest mystery is everyone's past which has been increasingly mysterious by the minute. What happened when Dong-chan was a police. What made Soo-hyun become so brash and good at fighting. What is up with Ji-hoon, Soo-hyun's husband. Is it just me who finds him extremely mysterious in a non traditional mysterious but still creepy way? Especially since Dong-chan recognizes him and who knows what Dong-chan did in the past. One thing for sure, Dong-chan got some life.

Also, would it hurt to give an explanation to why they were given the opportunity to travel back in time? I know it's supposed to be this mystical, mythical being who helped them. But why them? And by who? And how?

Loads of questions to be answered. It's going to be fun. See you next week!

Random note. There's so many dark scenes in this drama. I mean, literally dark. My poor eyes!


  1. Yes! It's going to be fun! Thank you....Mwah!

  2. about the women murdered I think they were mothers who abandoned disabled children from the was the last victim was introduced since he is a teacher for the disabled he must have a grudge against them .. I dont believe the serial killer is the kidnapper so his fate is of no importance I think except that his death can put her in trouble

    1. I'm beginning to think so too. The kidnapper deliberately called during the women's murder case. Also someone at dramabeans said Saet-byul might've been just kidnapped just to stir things up, but since she ran away she ended up dying (she died from drowning, not physical harm).

      As for the women, that could be possible too. The third woman is plausible since she has a son, but what about the first two? The second woman is young (mid 20s) that's why I'm a bit hesitant on calling all three mothers. Maybe they were abusive to the teacher's students in some other ways.

  3. Also, would it hurt to give an explanation to why they were given the opportunity to travel back in time? I know it's supposed to be this mystical, mythical being who helped them. But why them? And by who? And how?

    well its called gods gift supposed to be a miracle from a higher power to give the mother a second chance DC was there to rescue her so he was chosen for her or chosen to be redeemed too

    1. Yeah I guess, but God must've been pretty generous to them bending space and time and all for them. Kind of reminds me of Arang and the Magistrate when Arang went to the gods to negotiate coming back to earth to find out her past. She's proactive, they're just lucky.