Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God's Gift-14 Days, Week 4

Hiding, and slowly uncovering, your past is a big theme in this drama. One by one the details get uncovered. But with each revealed mystery comes more unanswered questions. The chase is still on going. But the truth might be worse than what we think.

Okay so I'm going to change up the format of these posts because I'm beginning to more or less recap the series which wasn't my intention at all. So instead, it'll be full on commentary which will be on a list that is somewhat chronological to the happenings in the drama. Because I naively believe my comments actually mean anything but that's another story. Right now I don't think this bullet point list the most effective writing style. But for now this is what I'm going to be doing. For actual scene by scene recap for each episode, the lovely writers at Dramabeans are always reliable at posting recaps that are way better than mine.

One picture is from the God's Gift website. I thought I can go completely screen cap free, but SBS does not provide many pictures for each episode. What is up with that?

Episode 7
  • This drama is dark. In a visual sense. Which I've mentioned before, but with more serious tones, the colors all seem to fade away. Which is hard because my laptop isn't the greatest.
  • This new creep is officially a psychopath! Killer teacher is just full of pent up rage. But this new guy gives me the heebie jeebies. I mean, killing an innocent animal?
  • Ajuhmma you're so lucky Dong-chan is with you because without him at this point you're basically dead. Nevertheless, isn't that shot beautiful? Love it.
  • Ji-hoon is showing his true colors! Finally. And while it's out of question he would want to hurt his own daughter, his past is catching up to him. He definitely did something in the past that wasn't necessary good. Or right. He keeps on wanting to uncover some truth in a very unhealthy manner. And whatever it is that he did, or is currently doing to erase his past, it's involved in the kidnapping and eventual death of his own daughter. I'm sure.
  • Saet-byul, stop talking to strangers! You live in a city, not a village with 50 residents. Stranger danger is real. This is why kids get kidnapped.
  • Why does Soo-hyun keep on giving the crooks a reason to do their crimes? Just shut up will you! I want to punch her in the face sometimes. Yes, you're right creep guy, she is noisy. I feel that she deserved the tape over her mouth.
  • All these bad guys seem to be very good at martial arts. And are eating the same endurance potion as Dong-chan.
  • This creep guy, he is something else. I don't think he's the guy that will (or have?) kidnap Saet-byul, but he is a full blown psychopath. He is allegedly the son of a murderer. Someone who kidnapped a girl and killed her 10 years prior. Dong-chan, that bastard, got a confession out of him that it wasn't his dad who committed the crime. That dad was already dying of cancer and loved his son who was the one who killed the girl. This son is creep guy. He lived 10 years trying to run away from the truth and become a regular citizen. But his psychopathic tendencies got the best of him when he kidnapped Eun-joo, Saet-byul's friend.
  • Another mystery added to Ki Dong-ho's case. Dong-chan has actively telling himself that what is seen is the truth. Which, I'm guessing, is not. Dong-ho knows he didn't do it. He confessed for someone else. Grandma knows he didn't do it, since her lovable son has no reason to I would think. And what kind of mother would want their child to be convicted of murder? Secretly Rich Grandpa knows he didn't do it. And he seems to know a hell of a lot about the Ki family. What is up with that? Are you not just secretly rich but also secretly something else? Lastly, I'm pretty sure Dong-chan knows, deep in his heart, that Dong-ho didn't commit his crime. It's now his duty to find out who did it.
  • I knew my guts were right about Ji-hoon. He is one stinking bastard. Not exactly sure what other atrocities he's involved in. I'm sure we will find out sooner or later. But he is in fact a cheating moron. While tracking down the tattooed guy, Dong-chan and Soo-hyun came across one of Dong-chan's friend who is in a building across from Soo-hyun's home. This friend was there to spy on a client's wife, who is Soo-hyun's neighbor. But since nothing was happening there, they looked into Soo-hyun's apartment and found Ji-hoon. Cheating with Mi-na, Soo-hyun's co-worker. And Mi-na is currently in charge of taking care of Saet-byul. Who I'm pretty sure is out there trying to hurt Saet-byul.
Episode 8

  • Mi-na didn't kill Saet-byul. She sure wanted to, and that car crashed seemed like it was planned. But she quickly pushed Saet-byul out of danger, and in return put her and her unborn baby in one. Who is, by the way (dun dun dunnn) Ji-hoon's child.
  • I'm sure all of you have realized this at one point. Soo-hyun has gone coo coo crazy. One moment she wants to strangle a woman. The next she was pleading to her unborn child.
  • More about Soo-hyun's past was revealed, even ever so slightly. Her mother abandoned her. She has no relatives. She was a journalist once and was disappointed with the situation of the world. How clearly wrong people were able to slip away. Soo-hyun was mesmerized by Ji-hoon, who was then a prosecutor. He was someone who truly believed in justice. Someone who would seek righteousness even if he had to lose it all. But the current situation with him cheating on her was clearly he very exact opposite of the man she fell in love with. And that, children, is why betrayal sucks.
  • Ji-hoon keeps on giving us more reasons to hate him. He is obviously involved in no goodery. Meeting with suspicious people in suspicious parking lots. But we've come to know that in no way is he there to hurt his family. I still have a feeling he's involved in Saet-byul's case in one way or another, but I sure hope he isn't the one pulling the trigger. Also, what does he want done this week?
  • Woo-jin is close with the Ki family? That was an interesting twist. (We've had loads of twists, this is the one I bothered to mention. What am I?) He seems to come over to grandma's even more than her own son. Turns out Woo-jin and Dong-chan used to be in a friendship where there are no secrets between them. But obviously that changed.
  • Saet-byul has now taken a liking to Dong-chan. Not that she hasn't before, but now she seeks for his protection more than her own father, more so now than before. Also perhaps a silver lining for Soo-hyun/Dong-chan shippers? I know you're out there looking all giddy and stuff.
  • Everyone seems to be sneaking and sleuthing around in this town. And that grandma, man, I told you we better keep an eye on her. Obviously I'm sure she was in Ji-hoon's office to find paperwork for Dong-ho. But she was still sneaky as she is. She actually got a job in the Han family household because she bribed the previous ahjumma. Grandma, I didn't know you had it in you.
  • Shedding light to the Dong-ho case, which I'm sure is the actual main case of this drama. The girl Dong-ho killed was someone close and dear to Dong-chan. Perhaps a girlfriend? So while Dong-ho is his brother, the girl is someone that means a lot to him. And Ji-hoon seems to know something that could potentially save Dong-ho. I doubt he has any intention of revealing them.
  • If Soo-hyun doesn't want Saet-byul to die, why is Soo-hyun going around town leaving Saet-byul with people that aren't 100% trustworthy? Sure the weird lady said she had to eliminate the killer. But come on now, since you've resurrected she has been almost kidnapped like, what, 3-4 times already? And in this episode Saet-byul was on the motorcycle of the very man you're suspecting. Come on, girl. Get your head out of the gutter.
  • Secretly Rich Grandpa might not only be secretly rich, but also secretly influential. With money comes power?
  • Just as I thought this episode was mostly about character development and uncovering people's past, a new suspect might be in our hands. And he has Soo-hyun with him (as in she's kidnapped). Is he the guy we're looking for? (I feel like I ask this question every week.)
  • Random thoughts: are Korean cellphones waterproof? Can I have one of those?
Thus ends Week 4 of God's Gift-14 Days. If this drama truly will be 24 episodes as I've heard through the whispers of internet. First of all, that is an ungodly number of episodes if you ask me. 16 is best. But so far, this drama has been keeping me on the edge of my seat. Even when, like episode 8, they weren't focused on chasing after the bad guy. And I won't be surprised if by the 14th day Saet-byul is still alive and there's still like 4 episodes left. More and more we've come to learn this drama (or its issues at least) is bigger than a missing Saet-byul. And while 24 episodes means I'll still be here for the next 8 weeks (oh brother), I'm in it for the ride.

And Jo Seung-woo. Who by the way is absolutely amazing as I expected. And Dong-chan is the most awesome character because of him (and the writers too I guess. But Soo-hyun got annoying even though Lee Bo-young is wonderful. Stop making her pathetic, writers. Please). I loved the court scene. All the mixed emotions. All my feels! This guy is just giving me more and more reasons to adore him.


  1. SH is real and real is not easy to watch I can see where you are coming from watching a paranoid half crazy pathetic mother is its not fun but its real this is what threatened motherhood looks like and its only the brilliant LBY who can bring it to life it does not matter if its nice to watch or not art needs to imitate life sometimes a mother scared to death cant be cool and rational and we have to give them thumps up for going for the real thing against mainstream taste

    1. I know, I know. In a state of panic and shock (and outerworldly experience, in this scenario basically literally true), one's behavior is going to be erratic at best. And Lee Bo-young has been amazing at portraying a mother desperate to save her child. But even though they are probably realistic (I've never met an actual parent who have lost their child so I have no point of reference), it doesn't result in the best character ever. I know Soo-hyun is an intelligent woman. She's the head writer for an investigation show for a reason. I would think she should start realizing by now her erratic behavior isn't helping that much. (She helped a lot more in the beginning when she was supposedly super panicky, compared to later episodes when most of the things she does only causes trouble.) I really hope she can start showing us more of her abilities, not just her knee-jerk reaction, because I'm sure she will be even more amazing.

    2. judging from the fairy tale perspective , SH has to go through all sorts of disastrous she will be kidnapped and beaten and humiliated and scarred this is her salvation so she has to make those mistakes I think anyway SB is going to be kidnapped next so that will turn thing around for sure

    3. I guess so. Sigh, the fairy tale world. It is brutal.

  2. I rarely comment but tonight I must say it loud : Jo Seung woo is a trully amazing, wonderful, blessed man and I love him. The moment he started that song (episode 9) my heart melted.

    1. I've been hearing of this little number Jo Seung-woo did and may I say that I'm absolutely excited for it! I'm about to watch this week's episodes right now :)