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God's Gift-14 Days, Week 3

We're left off with a cliffhanger which happens every week but last week it was almost literally a cliffhanger. (If you watched last week, you'll know). This week, the drama decides to take us on a tumble and took a billion and one turn like a car rolling down a hill. You just never know what will happen next.

Episode 5

Soo-hyun has the killer teacher hanging from a high story abandoned building. And, thinking he is the kidnapper of her daughter, decides to drop him.

But, as I suspected, Dong-chang is on the floor below him and saves him with the dangling ropes. The killer has been captured.

Soo-hyun comes back home relieved that in her mind, her daughter is now safe. Her would-be kidnapper is now in the hands of law. Life is back to a perfect normal.

Life isn't so forgiving though as prosecution becomes complicated. The killer is smarter than everyone thinks. He wipes out all the evidence (which is a bit odd. Were all his fingerprints really gone? From my days of watching Discovery Channel mystery cases, fingerprints are oil based and aren't very easily erased. And unless he used some good ol' soap, which I don't think he did, I'm pretty sure it shouldn't come off easily. But what the hell, I'm no expert) and changes his murdering clothes into a fresh new set. Also the only witnesses are Soo-hyun and Dong-chan who automatically gets eliminated as witnesses because they've done some shit with the killer. To make things complicated, Soo-hyun's husband Ji-hoon, who is a human rights lawyer, gets a phone call from the killer to defend for his rights since he is technically wronged.

Unsatisfied with the government detectives working, Dong-chan urges Soo-hyun to look for clues themselves in the killer Cha Bong-sub themselves. What Dong-chan finds is somewhat unexpected. A photo of his mom and nephew Yong-gyu (killer teacher's student) hidden under a table drawer. If it is just another student picture, why is it hidden? Did it just so happen to slip? They also found a possible clue: an earring and a ring hidden in a sand hourglass.

Alas the clues were inconclusive and the victim's family couldn't recognize any of the jewelry that was found. On top of that, Dong-chan is now the accused murderer of Mimi, our third girl. Her blood was found on his clothes.

Our killer, who decides to visit Mimi in the hospital, is suddenly attacked by Dong-chan. But how? Well, earlier that day, Soo-hyun found the most important clue of all: Cha Bong-sub's hidden clothes and weapon, still drenched in Mimi's blood. If that's not dripping with evidence, I don't know what is.

During interrogation, the killer remains silent. But he is then willing to give his secrets to one person: Soo-hyun. On the ride to the police office, something goes awry. Don't it always. As the officer was falling asleep, Cha Bong-sub gave an eerie smile. Does he have a secret plan? Just then, a big truck came out of nowhere and the police truck flew off road and rolled down the hill. Coincidentally, Dong-chan is in a car behind them. I don't even think he was necessarily following them.

He went down to save the passengers when suddenly he received a blow on the back of the head. It was the killer. (Question: what does this guy eat? I want what he's having. I hope I won't get the crazies as a side effect.) Of course, Dong-chan (an equally invincible man, maybe I should have what he's having too) is on his tails.

At the police office, Woo-jin receives a not so exciting call. Soo-hyun, almost immediately after, also received a phone call. It was Dong-chan. He says the killer is dead. Officially reported as instant death from the car wreck. What they don't know is what Dong-chan is seeing in front of him. A dead Cha Bong-sub and a bloody baseball bat. Ki Dong-chan, what have you done?

Episode 6

A blunted Dong-chan is finding it hard to chase down a handcuffed Cha Bong-sub. Suddenly a motorcycle hits the running killer. With the wooden baseball.

Thank goodness it wasn't you Dong-chan.

Then there's Officer Na, Dong-chan's friend and the police who's supposed to escort Cha Bong-sub to the police office. He has a gun out. The motorcycle falls. The motorcyclist tumbles across the road. A car fatally crashed into him.

Dong-chan approaches Cha Bong-sub who is bloody in his hands. "What are you going to do with my mother?!" The killer has nothing to say. He only wants to tell something Soo-hyun. But of course, it was too late.

The killer is now dead. The case is closed. Saet-byul is going to live. But Officer Na is fired because he was the one who pointed his gun to the motorcyclist. Basically killing a murderer and a clue. But of course after sleuthing around, Dong-chan finds out that the motorcyclist was not killed in the hands of Officer Na, rather on the hands of his faulty motorcycle.

A fight then ensued between Dong-chan and Head Police Woo-jin. These two have a history. Remember the Dong-chan's flashback from his early days as a police? Woo-jin was the leader during the scene and, according to conduct, he had Dong-chan stay away from doing any policing since the situation involves a family member. But of course Dong-chan couldn't let it slide under his own belt and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The reason Dong-chan isn't so happy about Woo-jin is because he wasn't sticking by his side, instead going by the rules and claiming Dong-chan went a step too far. I can't say I disagree with Woo-jin here. Dong-chan is pissed no one seem to be able to empathize with his situation and quits the job he's so passionate about. The job that's supposed to separate him from the title of murderer's brother. And that, ladies and gentleman, is why he kind of hates the police even though he was once one.

Another matter came up that makes the case, while somewhat resolved, still very much a mystery. Mimi died. Soo-hyun and Dong-chan fails to change her fate. To make matters worse, it seems like Cha Bong-sub wasn't the guy. Soo-hyun's polaroid picture hasn't changed (Saet-byul is still gone, and supposedly this means she's not in the clear). Woo-jin later finds that, even if he wasn't killed in the first place, he was going to be in the Philippines when Saet-byul goes missing. Soo-hyun also remembers that Cha Bong-sub is supposed to die anyways. He was involved in a fatal accident while trying to catch a bus to the Philippines. So he's not our guy.

The red string bonding all the girls are they're mothers of abandoned children who are presumably students at Michael School, where Yong-gyu is a student and Cha Bong-sub is a teacher. He also came from an abusive mother who would later abandon him. So he holds a grudge to all the mothers who abandoned their children. The reason why he wants to talk to Soo-hyun is possibly because he sees that there is still a mother out there who would do anything, even put their lives on the line, to save their child. Something that he hasn't seen in a very long time.

Also, Mimi, our third girl who Dong-chan gets to spend a few minutes (hours?) with turns out is Young-gyu's mother. That son Mimi was talking about and even knitted a red sweater for? Yeah, it's Young-gyu. Poor guy he is.

More investigating happens (sorry guys, you might need to watch it to get the whole gist) and we find out that, despite Cha Bong-sub claiming he's alone in his murderous endeavors, he has in fact an accomplice. That's where the weirdo truck guy came from.

And lo and behold, this guy is possibly the mastermind of it all. He partners with Cha Bong-sub to create the perfect crime. Our batter motorcyclist is prompted by him. The whole "broken" motorcycle? His doing. On top of that, he owns a shop in front of Saet-byul's school. A shop that was opened only recently.

Let's skip all the way till the end where the fun begins. Dong-chan and Soo-hyun, being the unofficial detective gang they are, decides to break in his house to find clues. Dong-chan finds a motorcycle helmet in the guys' shop's basket. And Soo-hyun finds Saet-byul's clock lodged in the creep's own cuckoo clock.

The guy suddenly goes up to his apartment where Soo-hyun is. So she hurriedly goes into a room. And inside is the mother load of clues and creeps. A wall full of stalker photos of Saet-byul and a floor strange items that mightbe then used to strangle her.

In the final shot, Soo-hyun investigates the room while a dark figure looms in the door. Creeeeeepy.


As it turns out Cha Bong-sub, aka killer teacher, is not the murderer after all. Not in the first time round, and not in the second time either. As mentioned, it would be out of character for him to even think of killing Saet-byul. Children are not in his agenda.

Have we found our guy? At the very least, we definitely found a super creepy pedophile who has a hankering for small cute children. Even if he's not the killer, this guy better go to jail for stalking a child.
But this new guy possibly is. Some people have pointed out that the puppy guy in the first week might be the guy we're looking for. He sure does look creepy. Especially now that we know how he acts.

The new question now is why? Again, I'm not declaring he is for sure the killer. Let's keep the playing field open. But why does he have a penchant for Saet-byul? Why her and not her friend? A possibility is because Saet-byul is Ji-hoon's daughter. He was involved in Ki Dong-ho's case (that's why Dong-chan recognizes him) But also the creep is the son of a murderer and he may have revenge in his mind. It might also be revenge for Soo-hyun who is a writer for an investigation show. She even says herself that there's bound to be a handful of people who aren't too fond of her.

Judging from this situation, it's basically a matter of time Saet-byul gets hurt. I mean, her parents have probably pissed off more people (and people not in the right mind, on top of that) that the average citizen. Not saying in any way Saet-byul deserves her premature death. But she's definitely more prone to hateful crimes than most people.

I'm going to talk about Ji-hoon again because, why not. He is getting more suspicious by the hour. Not exactly sure how he's involved, but my guess is more than just a lawyer. I mean, why does he have the jewelry found in Cha Bong-sub's house? Does he know where they are coming from?

At this point, our adult characters have a previous history of their own that hopefully will tie nicely in the end, revealing a wondrous surprise. First there's Soo-hyun and Woo-jin who are former lovers. Then Woo-jin and Dong-chan who are former co-workers. Then Dong-chan and Ji-hoon who were involved in Dong-ho's murder case. Finally Ji-hoon and Soo-hyun tying the circle together are currently married (but who knows what kind of past they have). And judging from what has happened so far, this little group isn't going to hold a happy reunion anytime soon.

Another thing (this is totally not a remotely well-flowed writing but whatever) if Cha Bong-sub lived, is it possible that Saet-byul would also live? Since he was an accomplice to our creep guy, he probably has an idea of his plans or at least his stalking tendencies. Maybe and maybe not. Plus he was going to tell Soo-hyun something he was willing to carry to his grave, so it was possibly a deep dark secret. What could it be? Another thing. How come Cha Bong-sub knows Ji-hoon's number by heart? (The phone he uses to call Ji-hoon was a stolen phone.) Ji-hoon, you are getting more suspicious by the second.

One more thing. Noh Min-woo, who plays Teo aka Snake (Saet-byul's favorite musician), makes his debut this week. I'm still not sure if he's involved in this whole mess of a thing. During the promotion time of the drama, he was mentioned as a possibly important character since he has his own description. Is he a key in this case, or is he just another character who passes by? But at this point, no character is just a passerby. Everyone is in it. Including you, grandma.

An old suspect out, and a new one slips in to take his spot. So what do you think? Is the creepy guy the kidnapper? Or is there a bigger machine controlling all of this?

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