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God's Gift-14 Days, Week 6

The chase is now officially at full speed. Our main characters are getting closer and closer to the answer of this riddle. But as we're getting closer, the stakes keep getting higher. And with a criminal on the loose willing to kill anyone who's in his path, no one is safe. Will they succeed in changing fate, or are the forces of evil too strong to fight back?

Episode 11

  • Coming off from the chilling ending of last week's episodes, here we are again at the Han family household. Saet-byul, the child in danger (that should be her nickname from now on), is now in the hands of a dangerous individual. Soo-hyun at first could only helplessly see from afar. But turns out, the "killer" is Mi-na, Ji-hoon's ex (?) lover who comes back to take revenge of her own child loss. Things got crazy when Mi-na tried to kill herself and plots to make it seem like Soo-hyun did it.
  • Ji-hoon is also involved with the wrist tattoo guy. And no, I don't think he's necessarily on his side. But wrist tattoo guy is threatening Ji-hoon with something (an inside information? his affair that everyone kind of knows?). Ji-hoon is trying to fight the bad guy. So he's, in the loosest way possible, a good guy here?
  • That close encounter Soo-hyun and Saet-byul had with wrist tattoo guy is scary man. One of many bone chilling moments this week.
  • More about Soo-hyun: her mother abandoned her when she was about Saet-byul's age. Coming off this, Soo-hyun cuts her contact with her family, essentially making her an orphan.
  • So glad Ho-goo is very much still on Dong-chan's side. Maybe he will come in handy (again) at more crucial moments in the future.
  • Wrist tattoo guy who is almost positively our killer seems to be popping up a lot more lately, but what the hell we can't see his face. Also, Woo-jin is definitely on his side sort of, since he tried to cover up for him. Again. And the reason is because... He's the one that shot Young-gyu? Wut?!
  • That Ji-hoon, holy crap, took Soo-hyun away and sent her to a mental hospital. Can you even do that? I mean, especially since the only opinion this hospital got was from Ji-hoon who she is now in a strained relationship with. Yes, she's been acting crazy the past few days, but is a mental hospital really necessary.
  • Grandma is quite quick on her feet, possibly because of a life always on the run? When men (wrist tattoo guy people?) barged in her house, she took Saet-byul away to safety. Sadly they ended up in a refrigerated container truck full of frozen fish. Good thing Dong-chan was there to help, as always, to free Saet-byul and her hypothermia-ed grandmother.
  • Saet-byul is now in her initial kidnap outfit. Code red everyone! And, believe it if you will, the same situation happens again. An unknown caller called in during a live broadcasting, and a crying Saet-byul is heard calling for her mom.
Episode 12

  • Saet-byul is in the broadcasting station with Ji-hoon. Suddenly, Ji-hoon gets a call from wrist tattoo guy. He calls nanny to pick her up at the station. Uh oh, this sounds eerily familiar. We get a scene with nanny watching her daughter holding her newborn baby. She turns around and... the masked wrist tattoo guy is right behind her. Not you too, nanny! Also, this guy gets around. Damn.
  • Outside the broadcasting station, Ji-hoon gets distracted when one of the writers confronts him with his private life. This took Ji-hoon's attention away from Saet-byul, who sees nanny somewhat distraught. This is different. Saet-byul got the signal, and starts backing away.
  • This is when cool things start to happen. Basically, life repeats itself. Or rather, life wants to go on as its supposed to. But this time, instead of a distraught Soo-hyun scrambling in to a live studio, Ji-hoon was the one who ran in and picked up the phone. So Saet-byul's fate didn't change after all?
  • Dong-chan might be related to the kidnapping somewhat by way of Saet-byul's pin. At this point we don't know what significance this pin has, but it means that Dong-chan is related to Saet-byul's case, even before the whole time travelling shenanigans.
  • Since Saet-byul is presumably already kidnapped now, Soo-hyun and Dong-chan hurries to Mujin, the place where Saet-byul was initially kidnapped. But when they barge in, it was empty. During this time, Soo-hyun is starting to realize that maybe Saet-byul isn't kidnapped this time. Like how her facial expression was different this time around. It wasn't the first happy face, but was scared.
  • A full blown investigation is now in order, with Woo-jin being the leader. This could get ugly. The president took a visit to the police station, giving the team his sincerest. Soo-hyun and Dong-chan barges in, with Soo-hyun stuffing the picture of the four Mujin friends in the president's hands. She even shows the president the face of the presumed killer. The fourth friend. President had a weird look on his face in a later scene.
  • Soo-hyun and Dong-chan is now tracing Saet-byul's steps. They figured out she's not the crying girl on the phone. That was a recording from the whole Mi-na situation. They are now chasing after Teo (aka Snake). The manager confessed that Saet-byul was in the car, but he shooed her away since Teo was drugged up just then, even though she begged him to save her from the wrist tattoo man. So the lesson here is one, this manager is an ass hole. And two, Saet-byul is smart for listening to her mama's saying to stay away from men with wrist tattoos.
  • They later traced a taxi guy, who is also a jerk, for leaving a girl on a main road since she didn't have any money. At least he didn't try to kidnap her.
  • The only good guy of the night is a drunken camera repairman who fixed Young-gyu's camera. He gave Saet-byul photos from the camera. Old photos, he said. Could this hold a clue, since the frame for sure focused on it a few times?
  • The final CCTV recording they found was of Saet-byul running towards Young-gyu. But Young-gyu had an angry face, which the police (and sadly Dong-chan) presumes he was being aggressive towards Saet-byul. Turns out he was trying to save her from the wrist tattoo guy. Poor him. He was trying to protect her, but he feels guilty because he couldn't succeed.
  • Later on, Teo invites Soo-hyun and Dong-chan to his home. He thinks he knows who the culprit is. Before giving them solid clue, Teo was taken by the police because of his drug problems. The clue in the form of a book is now gone, but they have a video if his brother's funeral. In the video they find Secretly Rich Grandpa and the fourth friend. A rather disruptive visit to Grandpa's company shows that the fourth friend, who is indeed Grandpa's son, is dead. Wrist tattoo guy wasn't one of the four friends, he was a fifth friend. The one holding the camera.
  • A quick visit to the mental hospital to find the last living friend, the mentally disturbed friend, came to a shocking halt when an unknown fellow patient beat Soo-hyun with a bottle (ouch) and starts to strangle last living friend with a ripped bed sheet.
Lots of things happening this week, as shown by my rather long list of happenings. Especially in the 12th episode. I mean, everything went by so quickly, it was quite the exhilarating ride. And there wasn't even a single fight scene in this! Bravo, God's Gift.

At this point we know who the guy is almost positively for sure. It's the wrist tattoo guy. Now the question is who exactly is this guy, what kind of trouble has he gone through to commit the perfect crime, and why exactly he's doing this for. My current guess is that he's actually the guy who killed not just Soo-jung (Dong-chan's girlfriend), her two friends, killer teacher, another criminal, and made one of the friends insane. Maybe he's the Mujin serial killer. That's quite the busy life, if you ask me.

This new revelation could also be the key to saving Ki Dong-ho who, I think, didn't kill Soo-jung in the first place. Also, what is up with Saet-byul's pin? Does Dong-chan actually know wrist tattoo guy?

Woo-jin and Ji-hoon are also in it with the wrist tattoo guy, but not necessarily on his side. Those two knows this guy. Woo-jin probably knows more than Ji-hoon. Woo-jin is also probably the police insider that gives the wrist tattoo guy a criminal he can hide behind. Them trying to keep their names are probably a large reason why Saet-byul and Soo-hyun are in the danger that they're in. Which is of course so selfish of them. But this of course makes for an interesting story. And with Ji-hoon in the position of losing a child, this could change a lot in terms of how he sees Soo-hyun and how he can actually change the fate of his daughter. Not by way of threatening the killer, but actually stop him in his tracks. Now what to do with Woo-jin?

Also, at this point, I'm loving a lot of the secondary characters and how great they are. I love how Jenny and Byung-tae are so caring of each other, of Dong-chan, of Soo-hyun, and of Saet-byul. They're not doing it for the money, but because they truly care about the others. Even putting their own lives on the line. That's dedication right there. Young-gyu too, although it's not surprising. This usually timid child becomes somewhat a protector of Saet-byul who is in danger. That should jerk a lot of tears. Grandma, too, who although was mean to Soo-hyun as a child, she was protective of her grandchild and tried her best to keep her out of danger.

Other honorable mentions: Saet-byul and Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun has been great since last week, moving away from being hysterical to actually trying to solve this thing with a level head. Saet-byul was also great because, from what we know, she was very smart about the whole running away from the creepy wrist tattoo guy. She deserves a golden star.

A couple weeks left until the finale. There's no sign of slowing down now!

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