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God's Gift-14 Days, Week 5

No psycho killers coming out of their caves this week. All eyes back to our main case. But the more we learn, the more mysterious everything becomes. Like an endless pit of doom. More and more of the people we know become more and more suspicious. Or at least suspiciously secretive. And that's never good.

Episode 9
  • Snake finally makes a prominent appearance! It feels like he would be part of the gang earlier at this point but hey, better late than never right? And oh my God, Secretly Rich Grandpa is Snake's grandpa?!
  • Our Soo-hyun keeps finding herself in trouble. This time she's kidnapped by our new possible suspect, the masked criminal. He also proves my point that all the bad guys in this drama are eating some kind of energy boosting milkshake because damn, he is good. And that fight in the rain on the roof scene: intense. Also camera, stop shaking. You're giving me a headache.
  • Saet-byul and Young-gyu finds their way to Snake's house. After a close encounter with the masked criminal. And in there Young-gyu recognizes a photo with Soo-jung, Dong-chan's first love who was supposedly killed by Dong-ho. So she's related to Snake and his family. Possibly his dead brother.
  • Woo-jin burned the glove (an evident of the masked criminal) and Soo-hyun's missing shoe. Is he the masked criminal? His profile seems oddly similar to the one Dong-chan was talking about. Plus he's super good at martial arts (I think).
  • The main moral lesson Soo-hyun has to learn is not to be paranoid protective of her child, or forcing her to become someone she is not. But enjoying the moments, you know? And it takes a murder for her to realize that.
  • We're coming closer to the end of the mystery! A picture Young-gyu took which had Soo-jung in as well was found in Saet-byul personal box. And when Soo-hyun found the picture, Saet-byul's picture began to appear. So the kidnapper might be one of the three fellows. Or perhaps one of them was the murderer of Soo-jung. Or maybe both.
  • Finally Soo-hyun is the one doing the dot-connecting. I knew you could do it, girl! Realizing that motherhood is all about the joyful moments must've done it for you, huh? You're no longer trapped in the crazy bubble. Good for you!
  • The gang (by this I mean Soo-hyun, Dong-chan, and Saet-byul) takes a trip to Mijin, the town where all this happens. Citizens in the small town is acting all suspicious when asked about the people in the picture. While the real estate agent wasn't afraid to say what's up (the girl, Soo-jung was the prettiest in town and her death shocked everyone), the older ladies were keeping shut. Perhaps there's more to her story than the murder caused by her lover's dim brother.
  • Dong-chan playing the guitar and singing a song. All your dreams can come true. And maybe I kind of want to be in Saet-byul's place for that scene. Don't we all.
Episode 10

  • The broadcasting of Soo-hyun's show was different than the first time around. First of all, Saet-byul is with her so there's no dramatic plea during broadcast. But aside from that, the show was changed because of the president's special announcement. He is reviewing on perhaps bringing back capital punishment in Korea, slightly earlier than the first timeline. While Saet-byul might be safe for now, Dong-chan's brother Dong-ho certainly isn't.
  • Dong-chan has so many secrets. Soo-hyun sure doesn't know them and that is making her suspicious of him. Which is understandable.
  • Also Woo-jin is beginning to become suspicious in his own doings. Not in a sense that he's the perpetrator. Well, I hope not. But that he knows things that is crucial to the case. Something he's hiding. Another suspicious guy, Secretly Rich Grandpa. He might be hiding a grandson or something.
  • Ji-hoon is strangely obsessed with the rings that were found in killer teacher's home. One of the rings had the intials JHxTH on it. Which stands for?
  • Flashback time. Dong-chan spills all his secrets. Of the day Soo-jung died. Of how that day they got in an argument. Of how he saw his brother Dong-ho carry her dead body to the lake. Dong-ho confessed he killed her. At least he said he did. Or is this a Coffey situation? (Green Mile reference) I mean, Dong-chan didn't actually see Dong-ho kill her. We can't know for sure. And from his reactions then and now, I feel like he was forced to say he killed her. I think deep down, Dong-chan knows that too.
  • One of the four boys in the picture was found and he is now in a mental hospital. His reaction was somewhat expected. He probably knows of Soo-jung's murder. Another clue: someone drugged him with candy and it made him sleep right away. Another one of the boys was Snake's dead brother. Since two of the four are dead and one of them is mentally unstable, no one can tell about this fourth guy. The possible it guy.
  • The killer might be in contact with Ji-hoon and possibly Woo-jin. I think I get it now. Sort of. Someone was threatening Ji-hoon, so he went to investigate on a case that is probably dropped. The jewelry he is looking for is a key evident to said case. The killer wanted the jewelry so he (or whoever) will remain innocent. Ji-hoon is sneaking behing this guy's back so he can solve the case himself. I don't want to put Ji-hoon in the good guy section just yet though. I still don't like him.
  • How did the photo get in Saet-byul's personal box? Did Young-gyu gave it to her? If so why? Or was the one in Saet-byul's box another copy?
  • Saet-byul is not safe, everyone! I knew it. She should never be left alone. She is now a hostage in her own home, and Soo-hyun can't do anything about it. For now.
Not so much action this week, aside from the bad ass rain sequence. Which is I guess a good thing, since we're finally knee deep in the case we should be tackling: Saet-byul's possible murder and the whole Mujin killing spree. Like always, even though we learn new things, more mysteries pop out. Like one step forward, two steps backward kind of thing.

As for the characters, they're more involved in the case than we think in good or bad. Possibly not in a good way. One, Ji-hoon. He's always slightly off in my eyes. His alibi for now is that he's trying to fix his mistake in the past, which now inevitably involves Saet-byul and possibly Soo-hyun. Two, Woo-jin. Man, I thought he was kind of in the good guy circle but now, I don't know. That phone call with an unknown caller is just... I hope he's trying to prevent any future murders. But he got secrets we don't know. And any secrets is bad in this drama. I mean, what is up with burning the evidence? Three, Secretly Rich Grandpa. He knows Snake, and he's very involved with the whole dead brother thing. Since the dead bro knows Soo-jung, Grandpa might know the kids on the photo too. Which is probably why he's so adamant about Dong-chan revisiting his brother's case. Grandpa knows that Dong-ho isn't the one the police is looking for. Four, Dong-chan. He isn't suspicious as in he's the murderer or anything. But I'm sure he knows something that's crucial too. Mostly because his dreams were different than the flash back. Can his dreams possibly hold a clue to the actual killer? He seems to be repressing a lot of his memories. Perhaps a trip to the psychotherapist can uncover the truth?

Another thing. Soo-hyun. Last week I was a bit harsh regarding her character. But I stand by my words. Thankfully she did make a comeback this week, despite the whole kidnapping incident. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Dong-chan is a bit fragile this week, but she did well. And I'm so glad. Dong-chan shouldn't be the only one proactive about the case. Awesome that Soo-hyun went through this week.

Bonus video: here's the dreamy moment when Dong-chan/Jo Seung-woo serenades you (me?). I also want to marry you, sir. Now, where do I get in line? Also, you're welcome.

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