Wednesday, April 16, 2014

God's Gift-14 Days, Week 7

In the world of God's Gift-14 Days, it isn't over til it's over. Just when you think you can breathe a sigh of relief, it jerks you back in, unwilling to let go. It's the final week before the finale. All cards are on the table. But the gun is still on someone's head. Let's just hope everyone will come out alive this time.

I'm changing up the format of this post just one last time because things got crazy this week. It's quite amazing how basically all the suspects are revealed. All (or most?) of the secrets are out in the open, yet Saet-byul and Dong-ho, the two people that needs to be saved, aren't quite safe yet. It's up to our two leads to figure out who will be saved in the end.

Here's what we found out this week:

1. The mentally disabled friend knows of the killing method of Soo-jung (strangling). The guy who tried to strangle him works for the Big Guy.

2. Soo-jung's death is not related to the Mujin serial killing since the method of killing is different. The other murders are done by killer teacher Cha Bong-sub. So it wasn't his first murders. Huh.

3. The pictures that were given to Saet-byul by the camera repair guy was indeed pictures from the scene of the crime. The guy seen strangling Soo-jung was wearing Dong-chan's sweater which was stolen. The reason why Dong-ho said he did the murder was because he thought Dong-chan killed Soo-jung and he was covering for him. In the end it was a lost cause. It also clicked in Dong-chan's mind why he was involved in the whole time-traveling fiasco. Soo-hyun was there for Saet-byul, Dong-chan for Dong-ho. Dong-chan's confession scene though. Tears.

4. Secretly Rich Grandpa is like a secret mafia too? I didn't really understand exactly what was going on, but I think he was against the execution program. He alongside Teo and the father of the mentally disabled friend have been holding secret meetings all these years.

5. Wrist tattoo guy once worked for secretly rich grandpa but is now a secret service agent for the president. He is not a friend of the four friends but rather the driver of secretly rich grandpa's son. He is also a father of a murdered child and the wife of the woman who went crazy in front of Ji-hoon in the first episode.

6. Woo-jin, and possibly his father, is involved in a death cycle with the Big Guy. The initial reason is for covering up the whole shooting case with Young-gyu which caused Dong-chan to give up his badge. But it seems like that cover up was too big and eventually got messy. Which eventually led to a stunning yet tragic fight sequence under a sakura tree-lined road.

7. Ji-hoon is in fact a good guy. All this time, he was working to get Dong-ho out of jail. His biggest hurdle is the president's chief secretary who was a prosecutor at the time and was also involved in Dong-ho's trial. He wasn't trying to cover up a secret of himself (aside from the affair, but that doesn't really involve much with the main case). He was trying to save a guy. I underestimated you, Ji-hoon. I still think you're an ass though. Although I do feel bad. A lone lawyer working against the machine? And from the secret meeting by the relatives of the dead friends, it seems like it was on purpose to put a weak black goat for the wolves to eat? Yikes.

8. The man behind this "perfect crime" is Chief Secretary. Pat yourself in the back if you guessed this one. This whole thing was done because he was running for Ministry of Justice, and a faulty investigation in his resume could ruin his plans. But let's not think he's the only behind all this. My eye is on you, secretly rich grandpa.

8. You thought last week Saet-byul had a busy night? Well, she only got busier. After hiding in a superstar's van, gets kicked out to the street, gets in a taxi with only a dollar's worth of money, gets kicked out again, gets into her house to write a 4 page journal entry, heads back out the door to only get chased by the big tattooed guy, she runs into Young-gyu's grandma who essentially kidnapped her, was on the verge of death after ingesting nuts which she was allergic to, was given an allergy shot by her father who took her to a summer house guarded by the lamest body guards ever, played the longest game of hide and seek in the history of an eight-year-old's life, then finally kidnapped by the Big Guy's minion. The freaky thing is this all happened in the first timeline. Talk about trust and communication in a relationship.

9. The sole evidence of Dong-ho's innocence, in the form of the jewelry found in killer teacher's house. It is now in the hands of Dong-chan. But that evidence is also the only way Saet-byul will come back safely.
Is this what the mysterious lady meant by one of the two must die? It's not the murderer, but one of the victims? I guess if the universe decides to give you a second chance, you can only save one. That sucks. The last scene of episode 14 was so sad. How both Soo-hyun and Dong-chan are so desperate to save their loved one (great acting on Lee Bo-young and Jo Seung-woo's behalf). While they did work together these past few days, in the end it's a personal pursuit.

There's still a few things left unanswered which I'm sure will be mentioned in next week's episode. One, why is Soo-jung killed in the first place? And while I'm at it, her two other friends? Was it because of personal reasons or part of a bigger controversy?

Two, are you sure the Big Guy killed Saet-byul? I'm still not convinced she was killed. As far as I could remember, she wasn't beaten up or anything when they found her dead. I'm pretty sure she just ran away, slipped or something (I think it was raining during her death?) and since she couldn't swim, she ended up drowning.

Next week will be the final week. Hopefully we'll get a happy(ish?) ending. Until then, we'll have to wait and see. Please don't let Dong-ho or Saet-byul (or Dong-chan and Soo-hyun while we're at it) die because this whole god's gift hullabaloo will all go down the drain. You've done awesome so far, writer. Don't make me hate you in the end.


  1. Hi!! I love how much you love JSW! I have to admit, I'm one of those international fans that wasn't really aware of this magnificently multi-talented actor until he turned to the small screen (God's Gift in particular since I can't stand sageuks)! Ever since, I've become a die hard fan and have been trying to consume everything in is repertoire. Any of his movies that I could find online with English subs I have watched! I scoured through youtube to watch all his musical videos and any video related to him! I even watched a few episodes of horse doctor! This man really has such a charm and charisma that he has cast a spell on me! And based on all the videos I've seen, I love how down to earth and nice he seems to be! I also love his childish antics and wonderful sense of humor! I've read a lot of your posts related to him (but I just chose to comment on this post first!) and I look forward to all your updates on this gorgeous man!

    But some questions/comments:

    1) what did he say that he then had to prove that he not a 'bad' man?

    2) I loved his comment on why he stayed away from dramas and the korean drama industry! Shows really should be pre-produced so that the working schedules aren't ones from hell! Really insightful comment he made about how such conditions can change people's personalities so I hope he's tried to manage that! Part of me is sad that he took on dramas due to the terrible conditions (and how it's not as well paid or revered as if he were only a movie & theatre actor) but another part of me loves that I get to watch him 2 days a week for months at a time!

    3) How did he become friends with Gu Hye Sun? I'm not a fan of hers ever since BBF...but I have nothing to say about her directing either.


    1. Hello back! I guess I should say thanks (?) I do love JSW a bit more than I probably should. But what can I say, he's the best.

      To answer your questions if I can:
      1. I honestly don't know why there's a rumor of him being a bad guy. But rather than bad, maybe a bit cold? I think in the article I made I don't exactly know what's going on either. But as far as I know, his image is more serious than his actual personality which is a lot more outgoing. So he's apologizing for any misunderstandings.
      2. I'm also glad he's doing God's Gift! Sadly the ratings suck (it's always below 10%) even though the drama is amazing. I'd love to watch his recent movies, like Peach Tree and Perfect Game, but I can't find subtitles anywhere :(
      3. I don't think they knew each other prior to working together. JSW was cast like any actor would.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment! I was super psyched reading it and am so glad I won't be the only crazy talking on and on about this beautiful man :D

    2. Same here! I think I like him a little too much, almost on the verge of an obsession, but he's so hard to resist!

      I seriously don't know why he'd have to apologize about that at all! I think he also knew how ridiculous the situation was thus the funny camera angle! :D So cute! Also, from all the videos I've watched of him, he always manages to crack at least one joke in all of his interviews or speeches! And have you seen those God's Gift bts?!? Hilarious! And from his interactions with his fans he's really down to earth, funny and respectful with them!

      Yeah I've been lamenting the ratings since it aired! Really unfair of SBS to put God's Gift up against EK! But thinking on the bright side, at least GG is doing okay if you think about the fact that it's up against a sageuk that's had a huge head start! Plus I'm comforted in knowing that it's creating buzz on the internet...I've been looking for Perfect Game with Eng Subs for like ever! It looks really good! I recently just bought Who Are You? and am so excited for it to arrive! I just hope that now there are more fans of his, people will start uploading all of his movies with eng subs for everyone to watch!

      And in case you haven't got a chance to see it, here's the GG cast interview with eng subs (credit to the JSW vietnam fanpage):
      (JSW and LBY are hilarious together)

      Ohh, see I thought he did the film out of a favor for her as a friend, since I hear he's prone to do something like that!

      You don't know how happy I am that you are a fan! It's really hard to find news about him online so it's nice that you are writing about his news updates! Thank you!!! You'll probably end up getting tired about my constant gushing about him though...:D


    3. Thanks for the video! That's awesome. That's the beauty of new found international fame: more subbed videos. I thought Peach Tree would be subbed by now since there's quite the Goo Hye-sun fan community on the internet. But till this day the subs haven't seen the light of day :(

      Also, I won't be tired of your constant gushing of him because we'll be gushing about him together :D