Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hyun Bin Makes His Return as King in 'The Fatal Encounter'

The fantastic Hyun Bin will be making his first return to the acting world after doing his stint in mandatory military by coming back as his royal hotness in the movie The Fatal Encounter.

This piece of news is already kind of old. I mean, ever since his discharge back in December 2012 (that's a helluva long time ago), there's all these rumors of what his next step will be. Alas for those of you who fell in love with him in the cracktastic Secret Garden will not be able to satisfy your Hyun Bin craving through your TV screen. Instead, he will come back in a movie as King Jeongjo, once a king in the Joseon Dynasty.

In this movie, the king is a target for assassination, which will be executed by Eul Soo (Jo Jeong-seok), one of the deadliest assassins in all the land. The only person King Jeongjo trust is court servant Gap-soo (Jung Jae-young).

Since this is a movie, we won't be able to see it for a long time. Hell, we might not see it ever. But since this is an epic movie, from the trailer at least, the chances of it being subtitled is bigger. Although, it'll still be a long time until that happens. Until then, let's just savor the glory of the stills.

The Fatal Encounter premiers on April 30, 2014, just one week away.

Random observation: how cool are the details on Hyun Bin's clothes? This must be an expensive movie.

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