Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drama Fashion King is On!

So last week all of you have to witness my bitch-rant-fest about idols becoming actors. Even if you didn't, I'll just assume that you did. One of the news that was attached with that article is Yoo Ah-in's rumored casting in the upcoming SBS drama, Fashion King. Well, I have good news! The drama is on and Yoo Ah-in is officially on board!

On December 24, 2011, 20 members of the cast and crew came together to have their first ever script reading. Along with that, it was also revealed the official main leads of the drama. Along with Mr. Yoo who will lead the drama (his first drama lead! Yay!), other leads include Shin Se-kyung who will play the leading lady, idol SNSD's Yuri, and Chungmuro's new hot commodity Lee Je-hoon. After knowing the composition of the cast, I am a happy girl indeed.

I apologize to all Sones out there who might be cursing me at the ends of their tongues for hating disagreeing with Yuri's casting. But I have my reasons. Go ahead and read the article. But now I think Yuri in the drama doesn't matter to me anymore. Now that Shin and Lee is in the picture. These two are gold. I've only watched Shin's work way back when in My Little Bride (2003), but the fact that she's constantly playing opposite some of Korea's best actors has got to show something about her talent. Some of Shin's recent works include action movie Hindsight (2010) and the recent and ever so popular sageuk drama Tree with Deep Roots (2011). Lee is one of Korea's rising stars who recently nabbed all of the male newcomer awards through his work in two critically acclaimed 2011 movies including the big budget war flick The Front Line and indie film Bleak Night. I've only watched two of Lee's works, which are Just Friends? (2009) Finding Mr. Destiny (2010) but I have to say, this man has serious talents and charisma.

SBS and Fashion King are lucky bastards. They get to have three of Korea's best new generation actors. A popular international K-pop idol is also a nice addition. If the story becomes bland, which is always a possibility, we can count on the three to bring a great performance on screen. My only hope now is that Yuri can catch up. These three are Korea's top young actors and with Yuri only being a rookie, she has a lot of running to do. But I'm not fully complaining here. Besides only getting the second lead, thank God (though I still wished she only got a supporting role), compared to the other SNSD girls, I like Yuri. She has a laid back, outgoing charm. And if I were to look at the positive side, it would mean she gets to learn the craft from the best. And who knows, maybe even improve in the process.

Fashion King is set to air in the SBS Monday & Tuesday 10 PM line-up in March 2012, following History of a Salaryman.

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