Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Take: Brown Eyed Soul's Youngjun feat. Simon D with You Than Flowers


Member of South Korea's very own R&B group just released his own solo album. That is Youngjun of Brown Eyed Soul! I'm so excited. BEG is one of my favorite musical acts that came out of Korea, and Youngjun's voice is my favorite. That alone got me really excited. A couple of months ago I reported two of BEG's members, Jungyup and Sung Hoon, released their solo projects and I wished Youngjun would release his own. Well thank you very much my wish came true!

For his first single, '꽃보다 그대가/You Than Flowers', Youngjun paired up with rapper Simon D. This isn't a new collaboration though. Youngjun was featured in Supreme Team's track, 'Then Then Then' a while back. True to his BEG background, the song has an upbeat R&B vibe. I guess you can say it's different than the typical mellow BEG song, but I'm not complaining. The song showcased his soulful, husky voice very well, and in a fashion that I didn't think would fit well actually. I wished he would've sung more in the song, but Simon D's rap was very nice indeed.

The video though is something. It's a typical in-studio music video. But then we get to see Youngjun's secret cute self. Ha! Way to go, sir. I knew he has cuteness in him, according to the performance videos of Brown Eyed Soul, but this is a different level. And he cut his hair! Whoa, I was so used to him having longish hair. In BEG's third album he even had a tiny ponytail. But this was different. Not so sure of what I should think of it. But different is good, right? Another thing I'd like to point is that the lighting is way to dark man. Not cool.

I'm more than excited to see what his full album, which reportedly will come out in January 2012, will sound like. This song shows promise of what's to come. I love BEG's sound in the first place, and hearing that Youngjun isn't going far from that, it's promising. Besides, it's Youngjun we're talking about. His voice is just pure awesomeness. I'll be looking forward to the ballads though. Because if there's one thing the BEG boys men are the best at, it is making me cry with their songs. If you want to stab your own heart and rip it into a million pieces, listen to BEG. They are beyond awesome.

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