Friday, December 9, 2011

First Take: Bang & Zelo's Never Give Up

I knew this would happen. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Ugh, I'm going to be hating whoever approved of this. Behold the weirdness that is Bang Yong-guk and Zelo in 'Never Give Up'.

I really loved Bang Yong-guk's solo debut in the shape of 'I Remember'. It was fierce, sexy, and fits the man so well. I was pretty sure he was going to be a great solo artist. It was about time Kore debuts a hip-hop solo act. But nope, I was wrong. He was going to re-debut under a boy band. And you just know it wouldn't be as awesome. Heck, you know it's going to be a crazy mess.

And it is. Well, at least for this particular song it's just weird. At least for Bang Yong-guk's fierce voice. The song is more bubblegum rap, which is just wrong on so many levels. I mean, come on! There's a billion awesome songs you can give to this guy, but you gave him this? I blame Zelo. He's only 15 and I don't care if he's 180 cm tall of "sounds" like a grown-up. He's only 15 so don't expect him to be as badass as Bang Yong-guk. Just to be fair I'm not blaming Zelo himself, but the fact that the company gave in to Zelo and dragged Bang Yong-guk into this. And for some reason, I see Bang Yong-guk babysitting Zelo, which is not an image I would like to associate them with but huh, that's what you get.

For the record, the concept is just all over the place. There's school spirit, Sunday morning in church, gangsta in a dark alley, and first love story. All those four just don't come together. Especially number 2 and 3. Their clothes aren't helping either. It's like gangster meets unicorn and they battle it out to see who wins. I guess the outcome isn't so pretty.

The video itself, just like the concept, is just everywhere. They're trying to prove so much yet try so little. I would imagine the concept people just made up the video plot two days before the actual shoot. And voila, you get this weird mix of cute, innocent, badass and a whole lot of strange on a stick. I love Bang Yong-guk's voice and all but the music just does not fit his voice. You would imagine what would happen when he's in a 5-6 membered boy band.

I wish I could "never give up" on Bang Yong-guk, but now, I'm not so sure anymore. It's like the company is taking away that important factor that makes him such a cool dude. No offense to Zelo or his to be fellow members, but Bang Yong-guk is so much better than this. Even before his boy band debuts, I already wish he would step out for a full-time solo career. I hate you, corporate pigs.

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