Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jo Seung-woo's New Movie Brings New Interviews


Jo Seung-woo's new movie, Perfect Game might be the next Korean sports blockbuster. Two weeks in, and it already pulled in 473,088 admissions. Competition is tough, with big budget movies like Hollywood's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Korea's very own My Way leading with the number one and two spots, respectively. Considering the competition, number four isn't that bad. It's only two weeks anyways, so cross fingers. With the emerging fame, if I may say so, comes the abundance of interviews. This article isn't really about the interview itself, although the original interviews are linked at the bottom. It's mostly my personal remarks about my new found treats. Ha.

If anyone is wondering, a Jo Seung-woo interview is not something you see everyday, especially English ones. He hasn't done movies in three years, and his international fan base isn't what you call impressive. I'm still waiting for that shout-out from a fellow Jo Seung-woo international fan. But with Perfect Game being the perfect sports movie, hopefully, the interviews are reeling in. And perhaps people are starting to realize the power this man has over Chungmuro.

To tell you the truth I've never read any of his movie interviews before, as far as I could remember. That's how rare they are. But now that I have, it's definitely interesting what goes on in his mind.


Interesting fact that I found from both interviews is that it seems he has a love-hate relationship with acting, especially acting in movies. My hope is that he doesn't hate it more than he loves it, because I for one can not see his works through other mediums besides movies. But I guess responsibility and interest might not always go hand in hand. Although tt's always nice to know that he has musicals to go to where he really does feel at home and comfortable. I didn't know that despite being able to give amazing performances, there are parts of him who isn't in it for the game.

As for musicals, he isn't falling back in that department. He's called the Midas of the musical industry, resurrecting what was once a brilliant but now stagnant scene. His passion definitely shines through on stage, where he claims he's dreamed of being a musical actor since his teenage years. His popularity in the musical world is undeniable; his shows was sold out in a matter of minutes. He consistently wins musical awards year after year. He even earned the biggest paycheck ever made for a musical actor, earning criticize from many for the sheer amount he earns for one show. But that in itself shows just how valuable he is to the musical industry.

One thing that I found quite intriguing is his personal life. He's not the most open celebrity on earth, especially since the end of his very public relationship with actress Kang Hye-jung, now wife of Tablo, back in 2007. So him talking about the reality versus the perceived is an eye opener. Much like everyone else who sees him as a public figure, I always thought he was a serious person. There's been a lot of articles that says that he's quite a wise guy and years beyond his age. That part is true, I guess, as he claimed that in his 20s he acted more like an adult compared to other people in their 20s, but true to fact is that he's one goofy guy. I won't deny this. It seems like there isn't a video interviews, conferences, or award shows when he didn't crack a joke. But it seems now that he's getting older, he wants to embrace his childish side even more. A very interesting insight to a male's mind, if you ask me.

It's refreshing to see what goes on inside one of my favorite actors. It's even more intriguing now because despite being a fan of his for quite a while now, I still have no clue to who is the person Jo Seung-woo. The important matter is that he is back and coming back strong. I feel like he still has a long journey ahead of him and I'm excited to what's to come in the future.

His interviews that I found includes the 10Asia interview here and here, and the KBS interview here.

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