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48th Baeksang Arts Awards: the Red Carpet Fashion

Continuing our 48th Baeksang Arts Awards coverage, we continue on with the fashion! Despite multiple categories in both film and TV, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people in attendance. Or at least not that many people walking the red carpet. This is pretty usual in the award lands of Korea where empty seats are common. But why skip the red carpet where you can show off the latest spring fashion is very nice weather unlike the other ceremonies where you have to walk through minus something degree weather?

For the complete winners list, you can head on over here.


Love the hair on Park Shin-hye, who won Popular TV Actress Award for Heartstrings. Not loving so much of the dress. The color is really pretty, but the fit doesn't seem right. She needs to find a good tailor. It's been a problem for numerous awards recently.


Park Ha-sun wore a similar color, though a more pale, tangerine-ish color. The hair is rather simple and there is a mumbo-jumbo of stuff in the front which could be good somehow. A rather blah look, but she looks happy nonetheless. Plus she won Best Female Entertainer for High Kick 3, so there's nothing to cry home about.

Another pink-wearer of the night is Jung Yu-mi who opted for a floral textured pale pink dress. She looks rather cute in it, especially with the messy short do. She was nominated for Best New Actress for drama A Thousand Days' Promise.

Hong Soo-ah said goodbye to winter and hello to spring in this pink floral printed dress. The dress is pretty awesome and flirty and her hair matched the casual vibe, but the shoes is a little problematic. Isn't it too casual to wear those kind of wedges to an award ceremony?

I'm on edge with Kang So-ra's dress. It's a fun and flirty dress with great colors, but the print is a bit too much. Not much of an animal print type of person anyways. And someone give her some blush, stat! On the upside, she won for Popular Movie Actress.


Ahn Seong-gi won Best Film Actor for Unbowed and I think he knew it from the get go. I mean, just look at the confidence that oozes out of his tuxedo-wearing self. That is how a man wears a tux.

Here's one of my favorite gentleman looks of the night, believe it or not. Choi Hyo-jong was nominated for Best Male Entertainer but lost to fellow Gag Concert cast, Kim Jun-hyeon. What I love is that bowtie, it's the right amount of quirk and very suitable for a comedian in a fancy-schmancy award show.


He's not the lone Gag Concert cast to come. The cast from Gag segment, Brave Guys that consist of Park Sung-gwang, Shin Bo-ra, Jeong Tae-ho, and Yang Seon-il came in very interesting outfits. And with this they became the highlight fashion of the carpet.


Joo Won, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Kim Yun-seok also came together in what is possible the coolest group of people on the carpet. Joo Won, who won Best New Actor for drama Ojakkyo Brothers, wore a blazer with a scarf-like collar. Very interesting. Kim Yun-seok, who was nominated for Best Leading Actor for Punch, was very casual like an afternoon meeting at the super office wherever he's in. And Uhm Jung-hwa, well, she's dressed as the diva we all wish to be and is fully emitting that aura. She is also wearing one sick gold necklace. She won Best Leading Actress for Dancing Queen by the way.


Han Hyo-joo arrived in a very bland, nude brown dress. On the positive side, her dress fits like a glove! On the downside, her makeup makes her look years older than her age. Her shoes looks very fierce, though.


Here is Oh Seung-hyun in a lovely lavender dress. It screams spring. The hair could be a little more done and maybe a sparkle more makeup would be nice, but overall I'm not complaining.


Yoo In-na is probably one of my favorite ladies on the Korean red carpet. She always look so put together. Here she is wearing a poofy midnight blue dress sprinkled with white magic dust. I love the little crystal detailing on the waist. And the silver accessories completes the look. Another great ensemble from Lady Yoo.


As for the boys, it seems like Park Yoo-chun, who won Popular TV Actor for drama Miss Ripley, might run away with the prize. He somehow looked like Hyun Bin a bit there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I love the white bow tie over the white shirt, perfectly tailored suit, and shiny shiny shoes. And his shorter hair looks surprisingly fine.


His brother Park Yoo-hwan, nominated for Best New Actor for drama A Thousand Days' Promise, might need a hand though. I think the problem is the hair. I'm not a big fan of the flip and twist bangs on men. The black on black on black is pretty nice though. But go to your bros tailor. It may do wonders.


Despite the warmer weather, I don't know why there aren't more shorter dresses on the carpet. Then again this is a more formal affair so full gowns are somewhat necessary. Thank goodness for idols like Suzy, who nabbed the Best New Actress for Introduction for Architecture. She's worn this silhouette and color before, but considering she's probably one of the few who can pull it off, might as well wear it.


But she's not alone as UEE, winner of the Best New Actress for Ojakkyo Brothers, also wore a pale frilly mini dress except this one has more embroidery and less poof. It's a great look. And I absolutely adore her hair and makeup which is just perfect.


Here's another young lady who wore a shorter hem. Kim Yoo-jung, nominated for Best New Actress for Moon that Embraces the Sun, wore a very cute black number. I feel bad for her. She's in an age where she's too old to wear cute kids clothes but too young to wear an adult dress. If she changed shoes, maybe more sleek, it could've made the whole outfit better and less, well, childish. But she's pretty nevertheless.


Rising star Shin Hyun-bin is wearing one of the most popular colors to wear on a red carpet: black. She's going for edgy femme fatale with the high slit and bold red lips. The overall look is simple yet in your face. Just like her shoes which could probably kill someone.


Or probably fight with Gong Hyo-jin's shoes. Our resident fashionista will probably do something naughty with those shoes. And as always she's wearing a dress that nobody can wear except her. The front looks plain-ish but the duck tail back is what makes the dress. Plus I love that the only accessory on her is her auburn hair, which looks rather cool. She won Best Leading Actress for Best Love.


Talking about fashionistas, here is the nominated Best Leading Actress for Helpless, Kim Min-hee. I'm kind of shocked with this rather tame choice of hers. She's usually the girl who would wear the most outrageous thing yet, strangely, it just looks so cool on her. I do love how this looks though. It's an architectural dress with lovely lace, and her bold lips for a pop of color. Maybe her shoes are crazy colors or something?


Kim Ah-jung is also quite the dresser herself. Plus, she's a host and gets to wear two dresses that night. The red dress is quite interesting, but the black is impressive. The cut is quite daring. She walks the carpet with co-host Lee Hee-jae.


Here are some big winners of the night. Choi Min-shik, Kim Hye-eun, and Kim Seung-gyun are all from the big winner movie, Nameless Gangster. While only Kim Seung-gyun won for individual award for Best New Actor, Choi Min-shik and Kim Hye-eun weren't really missing out on much action. They were nominated for Best Leading Actor and Best New Actress respectively.


I love the color of Im Soo-hyang's dress so much. It's the perfect blend of blue and gray. She was nominated for Best New Actress for New Gisaeng Story and I think this was a perfect dress. It has color, but doesn't sting the eyes. It's a great silhouette on her. Her hair and accessories are also spot on.


If you like watching Korean variety shows then you'd know who this lady is. Jung Ju-ri is nominated for Best Female Entertainer for Strong Heart. Instead of her usual goofy self, she is glammed up for the night. I love her dress and hair, but the shoe choice was interesting. The buckle clashes with the delicateness of the dress. But perhaps that's good?


Seems like the awkward persona is legit for Lee Gwang-su who was nominated for Best New Actor for Wonderful Radio. I mean look at that face. Like a second grader for school picture day. And that pose is a bit stiff for an ex-model. But the suit looks so fine. Go enjoy the night, mister.


Dear Mr. Kim Soo-hyun, did you just ran into Mr. Flat Iron? Because it seems like you did. And said Iron threw up grids all over your nice tux. Kim Soo-hyun hit the jackpot claiming the Best Leading Actor for Moon that Embraces the Sun, beating out heavyweights like Han Suk-gyu and Shin Ha-gyun. But perhaps he missed out on the fashion train. I'm not completely loving the look because a slick black tux is my answer to awesome. And that hair *shivers* He may be the hottest actor right now, but he may need help for these situations. One of the more interesting male fashion of the night, but still miles to go. On the bright side, it's perfectly tailored!


I saved the best for last, ladies. A bit bummed that this guy is only fifteen. Gosh, that sucks. Well, Yeo Jin-gu may only be a teenager, but he looks dapper than some of his older counterparts. He was nominated for Best New Actor for Moon that Embraces the Sun but lost out to Joo Won for Ojakkyo Brothers. But I think the real winner is me and all the ladies. Except the fact that he's very much under aged. Oh well. He's still very pretty.

So that's it! I think there's more people that came to the ceremony but skipped the red carpet. I saw clips of the ceremony itself and it doesn't seem like they invited that many people anyways. Which is sad considering this is a relatively big ceremony, with both TV and film.

Overall, I liked what everyone was wearing. It was bright, full of colors. The gentlemen look handsome and the ladies are beautiful. Not the most shock and awe Korean fashion have seen, but better than some other red carpets out there. I'm bummed some of the people I wanted to see didn't even come. Oh well, there will always be more award shows in the coming future. Til then!

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  1. Give me Park Shin Hye. She is the whole package, good looks and talents and an oustanding personality. Once you fall in love with Shin Hye, you just stay in love with her.