Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scandalous Yoo Ah-in and Hyun-ah for High Cut

I'm going to be one of those blogs that have photo shoots now. I've become like this. Oh well, these are pretty hot though. I couldn't pass out. At least one half of so called couple in this photo shoot is hot. And you know who I'm talking about.

Actor Yoo Ah-in and 4Minute member Hyun-ah came together in a High Cut photo shoot for Jack&Jill's 10th year anniversary. Mr. Yoo has been a model for Jack&Jill since 2010. The theme, or title, of the photo shoot is Scandal Project. Not a very original title, but I'll give in. Although I have to say this pairing is totally random.

The two models are posing in a sexy pose. Even though Hyun-ah is supposed to have a sexy persona of some sorts, I'm not buying it. Especially in this photo shoot. Maybe because Yoo Ah-in is so hot, or they're 6 years apart, or just met, she looks rather stiff. Mr. Yoo, though, didn't need help in turning his hot on. And we all know how well of a job he does at being hot. I surprisingly like his hair in this shoot though. Maybe it's the extensions, but it makes things a lot easier to look at. I don't know. That cover of him sure is hot.

These photos are available in 74th issue of High Cut.

Source: High Cut

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