Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apologies and Change of Plans

Hello everyone! For those of you who have been reading, or perhaps even looking forward to, the Fashion King recaps, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to keep up with that. I've been swamped, drowned, and all those things, by school assignments. I haven't even watched anything beyond episode 7. It's a combination of a pile of school work and the ridiculousness of the show that makes me stay away.

As of now, I don't think my school assignments will be any less than it is now. In fact, I think it's going to be much, much worse as the semester goes by. So for this, I'm sorry to say that I will no longer provide weekly recaps of the episodes. I know it's only been two weeks I've been doing it, but I found myself putting it more and more into the back of my to do list.

For a change, I won't be making weekly recaps. What I will do is give reviews every few weeks. Some kind of check-up or report if I may say. I'll try to make it no more than every other week, considering this drama is probably going to be on for no more than three months. It will focus more on my personal reviews compared to actual recaps which I've done for episode 3 to 6.

For every one of you who have been tuning in for the past two weeks, I'm very thankful. I'm so sorry I couldn't keep up with this weekly project. I guess weekly things isn't my style. I've always been the spontaneous writer type. I'll be back later once in a while for this series, and will make an overall review. Oh, I haven't done a review for Trees with Deep Roots yet, which will come. I promise. Till then, I'll carry on with "regular" programing, what ever that may be. And thank you for those who have been reading my stuff! I know there are those who do, and I'm truly thankful.

Okay, that sounded really sad. I won't be gone forever! Till then, everyone!

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