Thursday, April 26, 2012

48th Baeksang Arts Awards Winners

The ceremony has come and gone and the winners have been announced. I think it's fair to say that I totally missed out on the winners. My predictions were quite, er, really off. But no matter. Because, well, I didn't watch 90% of the movies there. If you wanted to know what my predictions were, head on over here. But the important thing tonight is the winners! And here they are, the winners of the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Note: Apparently there is a Daesang! But it's just not announced prior to the ceremony. I think they would choose the movies/dramas overall and choose the creme of the crop.

Daesang: 범죄와의전쟁 (Nameless Gangster)
Best Picture: 부러진화살 (Unbowed)
Best Director: Byeon Young-ju from Helpless
Best Leading Actor: Ahn Seong-gi from Unbowed
Best Leading Actress: Uhm Jung-hwa from Dancing Queen
Best New Actor: Kim Seong-kyun from Nameless Gangster
Best New Actress: Suzy from Introduction to Architecture
Best New Director: Im Chan-ik from Officer of the Year
Best Screenplay: Jeon Gye-su from Love Fiction
Popular Actor Award: Jang Geun-suk from You're My Pet
Popular Actress Award: Kang So-ra from Sunny

TV Program
Daesang: SBS 뿌리깊은 나무 (Trees with Deep Roots)
Best Drama: MBC해를 품은 달 (Moon that Embraces the Sun)
Best Culture Program: EBS 다큐프라임5부작 문명과 수학
Best Entertainment Program: KBS Gag Concert
Best Production: Kim Jung-min and Park Hyeon-seok from KBS Princess's Man
Best Leading Actor: Kim Soo-hyun from MBC Moon that Embraces the Sun
Best Leading Actress: Gong Hyo-jin from MBC Best Love
Best New Actor: Joo Won from KBS Ojakkyo Brothers
Best New Actress: UEE from KBS Ojakkyo Brothers
Best Screenplay: Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon from SBS Trees with Deep Roots
Best Male Entertainer: Kim Jun-hyeon from KBS Gag Concert
Best Female Entertainer: Park Ha-seon from MBC High Kick 3: The Short Legs Counterattack
Popular Actor Award: Park Yoo-chun from MBC Miss Ripley
Popular Actress Award: Park Shin-hye from MBC Heartstrings

I was pretty off, but some were right so I'll give myself a pat in the back for those. As for the dramas, so happy that Trees with Deep Roots won a considerable amount of awards. But I don't know why Kim Soo-hyun won instead of friggin Han Suk-gyu. I have yet to watch Moon that Embraces the Sun, but I think Han Suk-gyu was so awesome in Trees that, well, if it wasn't him, who else?

I know, I know you're asking "Where's the fashion?!" It will come at a later date. Preferably tomorrow. So look forward to that! As for now, I congratulate all the winners. And may South Korea bring us more amazing works in the year to come.

Edit: Please do realize that sometimes, or most of the times, the winners of these awards aren't chosen in the most fair manner possible. It's just like any other award shows where the winners might not be who you'd think will win, and that's okay. It's not a be all, end all thing. And no, I didn't choose the winners, if anyone's wondering. Check the source below or watch the show if you can get your hands on it. Maybe engage in some eye candy sighting, which might be fun.


  1. where's Brain & Shin Ha Kyun ??? sigh...
    the moon & Kim soo hyun is good but not the best for me...

    1. I agree. Shin Ha Gyun really did a very great job in brain. His acting was really superb. I actually thought he'd nail this one because I personally think that, for his role in Brain, he deserves more recognition.
      I've seen moon-sun and I have always loved Kim Soo Hyun. But if you'd ask me which, for me, was the best, it's Shin Ha Gyun. He's so good to the point that his character, Lee Gang Hun is my favorite lead character of all time. Seriously.

  2. Whoever wrote the article, maybe you shouldn't publish it until you have at least watched some of the shows before you shoot your mouth off. You are being very misleading and not fair.

    1. I know that I'm being really unfair judging without actually watching every single show. I admit that I'm wrong there. But, I'm not trying to mislead anyone, it's just my personal opinion. If anyone would want to believe every single thing that I say, then that's up to them. Besides, the main point of the article is the announcement of the winners and the winners are chosen by the Baeksang judges, not me.

  3. Every critics expect older actors should win the awards rather than a younger actor but time has change.Younger blood like KSH could deliver such an astounding performances is very rare and he deserves the award.
    My views is IF older actors are so good they should get an Baeksang award long ago.
    So far TMTETS is the best Kdrama I had ever watched.
    "Different strokes for different folks

    1. That's true, and the Best Actor for Film went like that (Ahn Seong-gi was the oldest nominee). This (last?) year's dramas were all excellent with amazing leads, I'm sure it was difficult for them to choose. Perhaps you're right, because KSH is so young, it an easier choice for him to win.