Monday, June 4, 2012

First Take: Wonder Girls are 'Like This'

What a crazy day two days ago with the release of music videos from two of Korea's hottest idols of today. Big Bang got my attention yesterday, and it's now the Wonder Girls' turn to take their spotlight. And after these two videos, I feel happy being a K-pop fan. Here is Wonder Girls with 'Like This'!


I think I should "beware" all of you before you dive in to this video. It's definitely far from WG's usual bubblegum pop. This is one fun, dance-able track and I'm loving it. It's not their best track vocally. But it's not the main point of the song. The song is supposed to make you want to jump on your feet and dance randomly. Plus it has an infectious beat and keeping you coming back for more.

Which brings me to the next segment which is the dance and video overall. I love it. I'm so sick and tired of Wonder Girls and idols in general being stuck in studio boxes or being alone in this wide world. In this video though we see the girls interact with the people and have fun with them! The flash mob in the mall is an old and tired music video concept but fairly new in the realms of K-pop so I say good for them. I also love the fact that it's somewhere between a flash mob and a random street party which amps up the "realness" feel to it. The dance seems so much fun too. I wish my limbs could coordinate with my brain so I can at least look decent doing it.

I'm still on edge with the color saturation though. It looked pretty cool but I felt like since they were all wearing brightly colored clothes and similarly brightly colored hair, it would've been nice to see those colors set in motion in their brightest form. But maybe the saturation is precaution? Those are some very eye-piercing neons there, which I love hence my disappointment with the saturation. Although this is a different music and video style for WG, they still don some retro looking outfits and still staying with their overall concept. Oh, and I do like their hair, more than the ones the boys were sporting in the other video released in the same day.

Speaking of which, if you want comparison which I think you do maybe (?), Big Bang is currently winning by a ton in terms of views. Almost twice as much actually. I won't be surprised. Big Bang's video is super cool, plus we all know a majority of K-pop fans are girls anyways. But nevertheless, Wonder Girls did manage to attract an impressive 1.5 million plus views these past couple of days so congrats to them too! It's definitely not a bad number.

I am super happy with what they came out with. It's different and maybe a turn off to those who gravitated to Wonder Girls for their retro bubblegum sound. But I personally like it a lot. Heck, maybe even love. Now I'm off to YouTube again to look for tutorials on how to do that dance. And hopefully don't trip and fall and hurt my scapula in the process.


  1. they have released a dance practice video on their official site and surely it is intended for people who want to learn how to do their dance or make a dance cover. go check it out.

    WGs goes for simplicity and BB goes for experimental concept. their mvs are in opposite directions butthe points they both try to make is the same which is to be different from present rountine Kpop mvs.

    1. Really? Maybe I should check it out. Thanks for the heads up :) And good point with your second paragraph. I couldn't agree more.