Monday, June 25, 2012

My Sunggyu Solo Dreams Come True

Well sort of.

If you've been following my blog, then you'd know my tiny obsession with INFINITE's leader, Kim Sunggyu. I even dedicated a whole post on him. Seriously. To me, he is that cool. And if you read that post, you'd also know my burning desire for a Sunggyu solo work. He's done a solo song before, but to me it's not enough. I need an album. But now that INFINITE is picking up speed as a group, solo album might be the last thing on Woollim's mind. The next best thing? Have him compete in a singing competition.

KBS's Immortal Song 2 has been creating quite a buzz since its pilot for bringing members of a group and highlighting their individual talents in singing. Although I'm not one to follow this show on a weekly basis, I've found it to be quite an amusing show. We basically get to see an idol's performing capabilities outside his or her idol shell. Perhaps a member with amazing vocals getting outshone by a fellow member with better looks? This show is a place to shine.

Sunggyu, along with Super Junior's Ryeowook, becomes the new addition for the June 23rd episode. The two joins a group of some amazing singers including K.Will, Ailee, Ulala Session, Huh Gak, and others.

I did watch a few other performances for that night, and I have to say the competition is stiff. His competition are some of Korea's best vocalists. It wasn't a surprise for me that he wasn't even close to winning. But I think he did an amazing job. I was quite impressed with his improved range. I also want him to do more ballads, because although his voice isn't typical ballad material, it just works for me. And his performance solidifies that.

I'm definitely more than excited for Sunggyu's participation in Immortal Song 2. This is the perfect stage for him to explore his individual voice. Perhaps also learning a thing or two from the other vocalists. And as a selfish reason, I get to see him perform as a solo artist every week. Thank you KBS. Thank you Woollim. For making my dreams come true.

And now, enjoy his performance of Yang Hee-eun's 'Impossible Love'. Don't forget to check the other vocalists' performances, because they are amazing.

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  1. What do you feel about his upcoming solo project? :P

    1. Immensely excited. I might dedicate a whole post about it XD