Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Faith for 'Faith'

Seems like there's a magical fairy luring in movie actors into small screens these days. Because dude, I didn't know Ryu Deok-hwan is going to be in Faith. This just makes things so much more interesting. At least for me. Ryu, like his brother from another mother Jo Seung-woo, has never done dramas before. At least network dramas. He's in the current cable drama God's Quiz (which is in its 3rd season by the way. Unheard of in Korean dramaland. Congrats!), but that's cable. A totally different game.

I'm pretty sure a majority of you are excited for Faith because Lee Min-ho is on it. I've never really gotten his charm. Maybe because Boys Over Flowers scarred me too much. But I can tell that's he's very much hot. And if it's not him, the other big name on this project is Kim Hee-sun who clinged on this project for years.

The story is set in Goryeo Dynasty times where Lee plays a bodyguard of the era, Kim as a plastic of the now kidnapped to 700 years prior, and Ryu as a king. The story is doing the whole time-traveling thing that's been oh so popular now. Seriously, are they not going to make a pure modern or pure sageuk anymore? I guess not. At least in 2012. Other actors in this project includes Lee Phillip of Secret Garden fame and Sung Hoon from New Gisaeng Story.

Shooting is still in its early stages as there has only been stills of Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun. Ryu Deok-hwan is in fact still very much shooting God's Quiz.

Faith will be broadcasted on SBS later this August taking in their Monday-Tuesday slot. The only question will be: should I watch it?

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