Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Dose of Jo Seung-woo!

One of the things I'm looking forward to at the end of this year is the two movies released both starring one of my favorite actors, Jo Seung-woo. It's been two years since his last movie was out, so I'm extremely excited.

Jo Seung-woo is one of those awesome actors most international fans can't truly enjoy. Why? Because he doesn't do dramas. It's really hard for me to find any posts of him from an international fan. You see, most international fans only get their doses of K-actors through dramas. I think this isn't fair for the actors. K-dramas aren't really the best medium to see the best acting. Because it's on TV for the general public to see, usually the acting needs to be bold and in your face a.k.a. exaggerated. That's why I'm always trying to look for good K-movies for me to watch. The thing is Jo is one of those rare K-actors that doesn't do dramas. As far as I'm informed, he doesn't have a single drama in his resume. He's what you call a true movie star, besides musicals that is. If you're not interested in K-movies, you probably won't be able to recognize him.

So far I've watched quite a few of Jo's movies. The first one I watched was The Classic. When I first saw him I thought he was an extra or something, because compared to others he does have a simpler look. But I was pleasantly blown away by how he can grab me, the viewer, and pull me in. I was rooting for his relationship all the way. I then  got to watch a few others, including Marathon which launched him to the elite actors club thanks to his great portrayal as an autistic young man. Enough of his background. That will be discussed further in a possible spazz post.

Okay, so what are the two movies he's going to star in? First is Peach Tree, which is actually directed by Goo Hye-sun. He's going to be one half of Siamese twins, the other played by Ryu Deok-hwan who is also a great actor himself, and the two twins fall in love with one woman, played by Nam Sang-mi. The project has been announced since early this year. Sadly for a Jo fan like me most of the news are about its director, multi-tasker/talented Goo Hye-sun. Recently there have been updates on Goo's twitter about the movie's development and hopefully it's going to be premiered at the end of this year! Hopefully all will go well so we will get to watch this movie.

The other movie he's doing is called The Perfect Game, also starring Yang Dong-geun. The story is about a legendary baseball match between the Haitai Tigers and the Lotte Giants in 1987. Reportedly the game went on for 15 innings with a 2-2 tie. I'm not much of a baseball fan, I actually hated watching it, but apparently those numbers are pretty impressive. There's not much news about the development of this movie either, besides the fact that just about a month ago they announced a new casting, which questions me. I don't understand the process of film making but with a planned release date of December, wouldn't that be a little too late?

In the entertainment industry, deadlines are like rubber and something filmed can be released years later. Hopefully these two projects won't be too far from their planned release dates. Jo himself has been busying himself with musicals and all but being an international fan means I don't have the luxury of watching him on stage. So... Please, please, please release at the end of this year, okay? Let's just cross our fingers.

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