Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Take: Super Junior's Mr. Simple

Here's my take on Super Junior's new music video Mr. Simple fresh off their 5th album! Do I hear a Bonamana clone?

First of all I have to make it clear that I am not a fan of Super Junior. I know there's going to be millions of E.L.F.s out there that's going to disagree with me. That's fine. I just hope to provide another point of view from someone who isn't head over heels in love with them. And no, I don't hate them. Hate is a such strong word.

Okay so, the intro was awesome! A little jazz music plus scatting. I think it's Yesung? I was caught by surprise and initially thought it was another song autoplaying in the background. Hearing this intro brought my hopes up. I thought Suju was going to step away from the monochromatic songs.

But I was wrong. What happened to all the jazz? It disappeared without warning. Suddenly electronic bass and super super synthesizers comes bursting through my headphones. Here we go again. Come one, Super Junior! I need to listen to other than monochromatic songs! Why do I call it monochromatic? Because the songs, mostly the chorus, doesn't go beyond one octave. Try to play this song on the piano and you'll only use 1 finger, 3 fingers tops playing it. I didn't know they could end up like this. I thought Sorry Sorry was okay. They can get away with it. Then comes Bonamana. I was rolling my eyes. Now this? Just to be fair, at least in this song it was more than chanting. Thank you. But, ugh. They frustrate me. What happened to the Super Junior that brought U? I thought that was a good song. Now what? Meh.

I think Super Junior needs to thank their main vocals: KRY. They are pretty much the only people providing decent melody to Suju songs. Without them, I don't know what will become of Suju. But really I never thought of Super Junior as singers anyways. No, as a group they don't deserve to be called singers. And no, rappers aren't singers. So it's not like I'm disappointed or anything. I don't have much expectations for them anyways. At the end of the day, Super Junior as a group are entertainers.

But to tell you the truth I think Mr. Simple is definitely was a development from Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. At least the music video has colors and I didn't feel like I was color blinded for 4 minutes there. The boys wore 80's suits, complete with bold colors and shoulder pads. I love the fact that they put technology to good use in the music video too! Yes, I'm all up for simplicity and all but after two strikingly similar music videos, it's nice to see something new. My favorite part: the boxy lights going on as they do the group dance. But does anyone else feel like the "blow your mind" hologram is totally unnecessary? If they want to try holograms, go all out. Like make all the boys holograms at one point. Wouldn't that be cool?

I never really have a lot to say about Super Junior and their songs. I mean, their music (at least their title track) is pretty much the same. They only changed a few things here and there. But it really is the same. And the music video? It was better than the previous two but nothing extraordinary. It sucks that they brought my hopes up with the jazz intro! I will never forgive them. Alas, even with my review ending like this, I wouldn't be surprised if they got first place on all the charts. That's what corporates can do, anyways.

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