Monday, August 8, 2011

First Take: SISTAR is So Cool

Even though that's the title of SISTAR's new single, I won't hesitate on giving it as a compliment. These girls are cool! So here it is, SISTAR with 'So Cool'.

First of all I have to say that I really like SISTAR. Unlike other stick skinny girl groups, these girls are bootylicious! And not in a slutty way. I mean, look at them. They give off such a fresh and healthy image like the girl next door. Who knows how to dance and have the most awesome voice. They're the girls other girls want to be, and the girls other guys want to be with. You know the drill.

This time, SISTAR decides to go disco. I guess a 'Ma Boy' full SISTAR version will not be in my near future huh? It's a fun upbeat track fit for the summer. It's definitely heavy on the bass, probably fun for random dancing in the middle of the night. They've decided to go more electronic this time around, which to tell you the truth doesn't really suit them. Although I am always glad they decided not to use autotune despite the electronic beats. And what's up with K-pop's recent obsession with Spanish? Whether it be counting down in Spanish or using Spanish inspired melodies, it seems like the Spanish influence is making its way to K-pop. It's quirky in its early stages, but I hope they don't overuse it.

SISTAR is synonymous with sexy, not slutty, outfits so seeing them in super micro dresses isn't really a surprise. If I have legs like Bora, I'd like to flaunt them too. And the dresses are so glittery! I know the song is probably disco inspired, but those dresses are sparkly! I guess bling is not my thing. One thing I'd like to note, in the middle of the video, they were doing a mini track and field race with the girls in frilly dresses with knee-high socks and sneakers! That was really quirky and fun, and really shows the athletic side of the girls.

The dance itself isn't really anything intricate. But I'm not really sure what they're trying to say with the, um, hand wave behind the butt dance thing. They were dancing it while saying "I'm so cool, cool" but, yeah, I don't think that's very cool. The rest of the dance isn't really impressive, but then again the video didn't really show a lot of the dance anyways. Hopefully the live performance has more to offer.

The song is definitely fun and catchy. Their last single, 'How Dare You' is still stuck in my head and I'm pretty sure this single will take its place. Will it give them that needed boost to get higher on the music charts? Not really. I hope there's another single out there for them that will really give them that needed boost because these girls definitely deserve it.

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