Monday, August 29, 2011

MBLAQ is King of Live Performance?

I have to admit I throw around the term "King of Live Performance" a little too easily. But seriously, after reviewing a few of MBLAQ's performances, I have nothing but great appreciation for what they bring on the table, or in this case stage, every time. I'm just glad there's more singers out there that aren't merely recording artists.

I haven't really paid much attention to MBLAQ, not since their debut two years ago anyways. They were good on the sexy but there really wasn't anything else. I mean just to be fair, "Oh Yeah" isn't really what you call an impressive song. I've recently paid attention once again to them after getting hooked to "Cry" which is a song they promoted almost a year ago, back in January. I don't know why I didn't pay attention or why it took me this long. But like they say, it's better late than never.

I really liked this song. It was the song that convinced me MBLAQ was impressive music wise as they were visual wise and entertainment wise. I haven't heard the full album BLAQ Style yet, it's been put on the back burner for quite a while now, but the two singles "Cry" and "Stay" really impressed me. Especially "Cry", because MBLAQ doesn't really come off as a ballad group. This single shows off their vocals quite well without going full blown ballad, which could go terribly wrong in so many ways when given to people who aren't used to singing this genre.

So after falling in love with this song it's only natural that I went out to see the live performances, really the only place for an international fan like me to see what kind of talent they have to show up on that big stage. And boy was I pleasantly surprised with them. They delivered, and very well so. Maybe to some who aren't convinced you might think oh but their choreography isn't even that intensive. But hey, I've seen choreography less intensive than this but the singing still sucks. They sang a whole lot of the song, with the exception of those awkward lines that just crash into each other. I was impressed. The following video is from MBC Music Core and after being a long time K-pop fan, I've come to learn that they provide the least amount of background music so you can listen to the vocals without having to take a peek at awkward MR removed videos.

Lucky for MBLAQ they have not one but two singers that has great metabolism and a voice to match, G.O. and Lee Joon. G.O. is probably considered the main vocalist of this group, but Lee Joon has a great voice himself just not comparable to G.O.'s. The other three? Well two of them are rappers, or um is Thunder still considered a rapper? And Seung-ho, well, bless his heart but he's far from the best singer. He's good but far from the main two.

These days they're promoting their newest single, "Mona Lisa". Again it didn't really grab my attention at first, mostly because of the horrendous MV, but once you get over that it's actually a really nice track. I'm glad MBLAQ has stayed far from trying to just be sexy or whatever it is they're trying to convince me with and finally released some really nice songs. Their improvement is great and I'm looking forward to what they have in store in the future! And I mean as singers, and not as comedians.

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