Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Take: Chocolat's Syndrome

A girl group marketed as a bi-racial group? Do you think they deserve the spotlight? Here is Chocolat with "Syndrome"!

Idol marketing is really strange these days. The sad thing is that they only market the outer appearances. Chocolat is no different. The girl group under Paramount Music is consisted of three bi-racial girls and two Korean girls. Bi-racial idols aren't new, with 2PM's Nichkhun, half Thai and half Chinese, leading the way. The "unique" thing about these three bi-racial girls is that they are Caucasian from their father and Korean from their mother. I always roll my eyes when I read these kind of things and am just waiting to hear their voices, which at the end of the day is their most important asset.

First of all, I don't think I can totally dig this song. Surprisingly I like the verse better than the actual chorus, which is weird because in pop songs the chorus is what draws people in. I think it has a lot to do with the way they're singing the chorus. It's just annoying. The verse actually showcases the voice better the chorus. The group overall doesn't really have an extraordinary voice, but I think it's still good. I'm going to hate it even more if they sang it like that on purpose. Why make your voice super annoying like that?! I just wish I could skip the chorus altogether.

The dance is not that impressive. The girl in the front, Tia, just looks super awkward doing it. Maybe it's because she's only 14 but she's already 170 cm. She's not in fully aware of her own body, so people watching it also feels awkward. I'm pretty sure she's a good dancer, but that dance just makes it look like she's only flailing her arms.

Talking about Tia, I think she's pretty much the only member they're bothering to market. She's got the perfect blend of Caucasian and Korean. Sometimes I even think she looks like Han Gain, who is an actress known for her beauty. I feel bad for the other members, especially the leader and Julianne who gets zero close up. They're not even bothering. And I'm pretty sure her lip syncing is not to her own voice. It's almost like this is Tia's group, with 4 other backup singers and dancers.

Chocolat definitely got people's attention with their concept of bi-racial girls. But will it do them good? I think they have talent and potential. But they should at least try to publicize all the girls, and not just the cute, tall girl. Also, please sing like real singing, don't try to make your voice all weird. It's disturbing.

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