Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Members of Brown Eyed Soul to Comeback This Fall

Not to be confused by another Brown Eyed group who's also making a comeback, Brown Eyed Soul is a four-member R&B male group who has pure vocal magic. And apparently they're coming back. At least two of the members are.

Here's another favorite group of mine, Brown Eyed Soul. They consist of four members: Naul, Jungyup, Youngjun, and Sung Hoon. Their last project, a self-titled full album, was released in November 2010. This time around, two of the members, Jungyup and Sung Hoon, are releasing their own solo albums.

To tell you the truth, I thought the whole group was going to release an album. But apparently no. I was already way too excited. Darn it. It's not like I'm not happy that part of Brown Eyed Soul is going to release new songs. But what I love about Brown Eyed Soul is that their voices blend together so well. I'm happy, but maybe not as happy as I should be.

Jungyup himself has released his own solo single earlier this year. Sung Hoon has also released a track under their third album. Both of them has great voices as individuals. So if you're asking me if the songs are going to be good, I'm going to assume yes.

Secretly the reason why I'm not as happy as I should be is because my favorite member, Youngjun, is not part of this. You should take a moment to listen to him sing. It just melts your heart. His song 추억 사랑만큼/Memories as Much as Love also featuring Kang Hyeon-jeong of Bubble Sisters is just so awesome. It's one of my favorite songs ever and such a beautiful song. His voice has the lowest range amongst the four, but that's how I like it.

Anyways, please look forward to all the great things Brown Eyed Soul will do. Because if they're the ones that are doing it, it's a sure guarantee it'll be great. Oh by the way, it seems like Naul is up for a solo album as well. After Naul, Youngjun? Teehee.


  1. I just found this article but I have a very strong suspicion I must have a doppelganger or I secretly transformed into someone else and wrote this because Young Jun is my favorite member and at this moment I was also a little disappointed. Even now, awaiting their comeback and nothing. It's their freaking tenth year anniversay!

    1. OMG hey! No one ever talks about Young Jun which pisses me out slightly because he is AMAZING. Obviously everyone in BES is beyond wonderful, but I just can't help but love those deep bass voices... He did release an album thankfully, but a Brown Eyed Soul album would just be darn shucks delightful.