Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Solo Career for Bang Yong-Guk

It's no secret that I am just mesmerized by new rapper, Bang Yong-guk. I was also looking forward to his very bright solo career. But guess what? My dreams of a Bang Yong-guk solo album is vanished, at least for now.

Bang Yong-guk (right) with to-be fellow member Him Chan
Yes, sad to say, Bang Yong-guk is going to "debut" in a boy band. Why?! This guy is awesome on his own! I don't want to see him prancing around on stage acting all cute and lovely and be like, well, an idol. I mean I love my idols and all, every other day, but even I have to admit there's just way too many boy bands/girl groups out there. Like way, way too many.

Back in the days when I was still very much enthusiastic about idol music, I used to know almost every new group that debuted. But that was only until 2009/early 2010. After that I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of groups that debuted. Like how many managements are there to produce so many idols? In a year there could be 10? 20? groups debuting. I just couldn't keep up. I guess now that K-pop and idol music has globalized and earned major dough, no one wants to miss out on all the action. But who are the real victims of this? The viewers. And probably the idols but I'm going to be a little self-centered today.

The problem with quantity is, you guessed it, lack of quality. And lack of novelty. You see, back in 2008 when K-pop is just starting to pick up pace and there's barely anyone around me who even cared about K-pop, it was fun to follow. There weren't a lot of groups to follow anyways. Usually their songs are really good. Either that or I've just developed a keener sense in music (I wish). With so many groups out there, I don't even have time to take a listen to them. They just go (way) under my radar, almost to a point of non existence. At the end of the day I feel bad for them and for myself just because there's way too much.

Can't we bring back the solo singer glory days? They were the savory good days. Or better yet, can TS Entertainment make Bang Yong-guk a solo rapper? Please with whip cream and cherry on top? I mean look at his single cover art! Can you just imagine how epic his full solo album would be? He even has a cool logo (see above)! What a waste of cool design.

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  1. it's too bad yongguk not become solo singer. i really love his solo single "i remember". he took my attention when i watch jieun's MV "going crazy". his husky voice so powerfull and he really can rap. imo one of awesome rapper d^0^b

    btw he haven't debut yet as group member right? or i just miss the news? ^^; although he debut in group i'll keep support him. still anticipate to hear his awesome rap. bang yongguk hwaiting!!!