Sunday, September 11, 2011

'Peach Tree' Will Premiere in BIFF?!

Oh my God, say it isn't so. Or say it is so. Or please hope that Google Translate is somewhat right and I could understand it that much. Okay, seriously, I need to calm down and get a Korean translator.

So, according to a Nate article released 3 days ago, it seems like Goo Hye-sun's sophomore directorial movie, Peach Tree, will be released in the 16th Busan International Film Festival. And guess when that will be? Between October 6 and 14. Which is only a month away. Which is making this fangirl amazingly happy.

Wow, I knew this movie was going to be released by the end of this year but I didn't know it would be this soon. But technically the movie isn't going to be released publicly maybe a month or so after that, so maybe I'll be able to get my hands on them by November. But then that's only the non-translated version. It's okay I guess, great acting can translate through language barriers. But then I won't be able to understand the storyline. The translation will probably come out a couple of months after the public release, which will be around January or February of next year. That's okay. I have to be patient.

Even thought it's still a long time till then, I know there's one thing I'm excited for. Trailers. Hell, seeing the 'Wandeuki' trailer was hella awesome. And then all the posters and stills. Yum. Because there's two men I'm very excited to see, Jo Seung-woo and Ryu Deok-hwan. Seriously, these two are really like twins. They're both really good actors as well so hopefully they won't outdo each other, although I'm secretly rooting for my favorite ajusshi to win. (Okay so maybe Jo Seung-woo is a little young to be a full pledged ajusshi, he's only 31 or 32 by Korean age, but whatever. And no, my favorite ajusshi is not Won Bin. He freaks me out.) So far there hasn't been any official stills, besides the photos taken by the child actor. I won't be showing these photos, because they come from a personal site, but apparently the setting is in the countryside. And there's a scene in a theme park taken by fans. I don't understand where this movie is going.

The story is about a pair of Siamese twins, played by Jo and Ryu, who are fighting for the love of one girl, played by Nam Sang-mi. The genre is supposedly fantasy, so I'm curious and excited to how this movie will turn out because well fantasy is awesome. How much of this is fantasy is another question for another day. Director Goo is originally an actor and has been dipping her toes in the directorial world, even making her own production company, Goo Hye-sun Films. I've never seen her previous directorial works so this will be a new experience for me. And no, I'm not interested in watching Magic. The reviews aren't well off.

So that means two movies are out this October. Wandeugi, which I previously reported will come out in theaters this September will get a public premiere in October, and of course Peach Tree. I will be a happy, happy girl. You'll be seeing so many spazz posts in the coming month. For sure.

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