Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stills and Preview of Peach Tree is Out!

You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw the stills and preview of some sorts. And of course naturally I would come here and tell you all about it. After about 15 minutes of pure spazzing.

The awaited stills are here! Goo Hye-sun's sophomore feature film, Peach Tree, just released its stills through the official Busan International Film Festival site where it will have its world premiere. And after surfing through HanCinema where I found this great news from, I found a preview of some sorts in the video section. I don't think it's a trailer, more like a preview. Or maybe a leaked trailer. Whatever. Who cares. At least I got my trailer.

From what I saw from the trailer, it seems like this movie is steering towards the dark fantasy. I guess my dreams of seeing Jo Seung-woo and Ryu Deok-hwan leaping through a green meadow full of dandelions and daisies are over. And from the looks of the trailer/preview/whatever-it-is Nam Sang-mi's character is supposed to die? Disappear? Hm... interesting. Also, the form of Siamese is also different than I imagined. The movie decided to take on the two headed person type of Siamese, not the two bodies glued together type. But I think this way is better. Why because it provides us with a little mystery and suspense of course, and to make it a little spooky I guess. The twins here are really taking the whole eyes in the back of my head thing literally. Or at least my brother's eyes in the back of my head. Which is weird when you think about it medically, like the position of the twins. Is that even possible? If I go on about this, it might end up like my movie turned college review like yesterday. It's better if I shut up, at least for now. Save my smart-ass for later.

Well you have one viewer just itching to watch it here. The movie is taking a different turn than I expected which I hope is good. I haven't watched her previous works but I'm optimistic about this. She already has experience in directing before and unlike acting, I've seen directors improve a lot after one project. The story is becoming more interesting now that the twins are actually occupying the same body, just has different heads if you may call it. Besides if she did fail on the directing and writing part, at least we can depend on great acting. The two male leads can make an okay project into a great one because of their acting. Superb. Now all I'm waiting for is the poster (Goo makes some good posters so cross fingers), the official trailer, and of course the 120 minute of (hopefully) goodness itself. Bring it on.

On a side note, this isn't really important but I'll say it anyways, poor Jo Seung-woo, or at least his character, who get's the back! That gotta sucks, you know like living your whole life looking at your butt. Not pretty. And despite Jo being a young looking person himself, it really shows when you have that 7 year age gap. Even I think it's awkward. But how cute is Ryu Deok-hwan in the picture below?

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